Sunday, December 29, 2013

A warm gathering

Finally had the mood to write something, plus I couldn't sleep at this wee hour.
So yeah, I'm gonna post about our heart warming old classmate gathering.

After 1 whole year didn't meet up with these peeps, we eventually get to gather at Upperstar Suria.

It was a truly awesome feeling to be able to see these long unseen familiar faces, when you first met them at the restaurant, you observe their faces, their clothes, their expressions, whether they have grown mature physically, and you have so many things to ask them in your mind, it's just so exhilarating!

Well, after having a short conversation with them, some of them were clearly still mentally immature, especially the guys. Wakakaka =)

And then, while we were chit-chatting ecstatically, birthday song was played from the speaker, and I followed the crowd clapping and singing joyfully the birthday song. Until I realize that the waiter with the cake was heading to our table, then I thought, 

Oh, this must be for the birthday boys who just had their birthday 2 days ago. And then, to my huge surprise, I was one of the birthday girl too!

I was touched by them, oh how thoughtful of them to remember and celebrate it early my birthday. It's been 4 years since I had a surprise birthday. Thanks guys =) 

That's why I felt weird looking at the icing on top of the cake,  it has no names on it but only "19th and 20th". Gosh, I felt so old looking at the numbers.

I'm gonna biologically turn 20 in a few days, but Stephen and Lee just turned 19!
See that I emphasize "biologically", coz I'm still mentally in my teens.

Those who attend: Akmal, Lee Kee Wei, Caroline, Belinda, Me, Annette, Jessica, Kwan, Oh Hui Sen, Stephen Wong, Herbert, Clarice and Yee Fei.
It's really good to see all of them =)

The surprised birthday boys and me with my freshly new hair cut. =)

Thanks to the organizer, Oh and everyone who attended for making this happened.

*Dancing, swirling and prancing all around in my room like a little girl*

See, I told ya, I'm still mentally very young.

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