Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Trip Part 2

OK, let's continue.

1/11/13 Friday Noon
So we decided to go I-city at Shah Alam.
We took a bus to KL Central, and from there, we took our first KTM ride to Padang Jawa. It was kinda fun sitting on a cool new train. After 40 minutes, we reached our destination. However, the weather was not good, again it was pouring heavily. Waited the rain to subdue and also hoped a taxi to stop by this kampung area. Unluckily, we got a taxi without meter, he overcharged us for RM10 for a very short distance.

Since I-city hotel rooms were fully booked, so we had no choice but to find others at Seksyen 7.
Seksyen 7 is not very far from the I-city. Around 5 minute car ride or around 20 minute walk (can be quite tiring). Finally got a hotel room, which was clearly overprice for a very small room for 3, RM179 per night. 

As we were unpacking, mum realize that she forgot to bring us enough clothes, hence, 
around 4 pm, we head to search for clothing shop and also food to fill our growling stomachs.
To my despair, there's not even a chinese restaurant here. All are Indians or Malays, mostly Malays. And, we also couldn't find a shop that sell t-shirts other than baju kurung. We also notice one thing, we hardly meet any chinese faces here. This place is obviously a Malays territory. 

Thank God that in the end we found Giant, our live saver. Or else, we wouldn't have clothes to change for the next day.

Around 5pm, we head straight to I-city.
We decided to visit the wax museum as it was newly opened for public.
The entrance fee is RM38 per person.
I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking!

Future Malaysia president. Muahahaha

When will my prince come?


The legendary Bruce Lee with his nemesis. haha

Datuk Michelle Yeoh

Surrender or die Jack!

Woman with the biggest natural boobies.

Hai ya!!!

The wax museum was kinda fun. 
However some of the figures didn't look alike at all, for instance, I can't recognize Britney Spears. Nevertheless thanks to its existence, now Malaysian don't have to travel oversea to see these awesome wax figures right in front of their eyes. It was indeed a brand new experience. 
Worth the visit.

Below are some other places in I-city. Entrance to I-city is Free. 

Went back to hotel to refresh ourselves with a cab as we're all utterly exhausted, and guess what, it's overprice as well, they don't use meter here.
Mum: Aik kenapa begitu mahal?
Taxi Driver: Ini I-city kak.

The I-city view at night.

The I-city view at night was incredible. All those stunning LED lights just bring the night to life despite some of it were not working already. You'll be completely mesmerized by the scenery.  

One little advice here, it will be better if you visit it during weekdays, coz it will be too crowded and you won't have a chance to take pictures or you'll have to wait. As for all the museums, be sure to visit before 6pm, coz after that it's different price. I don't why, it just got more expensive at night. Luckily we bought the ticket right before 6pm. And, be sure to bring more water and have dinner first before you come coz everything in I-city is overprice.

Next morning, we continue our visit. This time the Trick Art Museum.
RM10 per person.

We had so much fun taking photos with all these interesting paintings painted by world's talented artist. Tidak payah pigi jauh jauh, di Malaysia pun ada.
After lunch, we took the same route went back to my hostel.

Didn't want to waste the night, we took a cab to Sunway Pyramid. Had dinner there, and bought the famous durian puff(forgot to take pictures), and enjoy looking at crowd skating in Malaysia's biggest skating rink.

Holiday with family ends here. By the way, just to inform you, if you were to take a cab from Sunway, do prepare extra money as they'll charge you with tourist price.  

Thanks for reading =) 

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