Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Trip Part 1

So my parents came over PJ to visit me, and we decided to visit a few places.

Thanks to a friend, we get to know the existence of Hop-On-Hop-Off KL service. 
Around 10am, we reached KL Central and searched for the sign which is located at the taxi waiting area. 

Mycard holder RM19
With student card RM12 
Foreigner RM 45

The agent mistaken us as Philippines, we were shocked coz the price is different from what we'd checked in the internet. Luckily mom asked and tickets were eventually bought at a local price.

You can hop-on and hop-off the double-decker bus (some with open air) at any time within 24 hours, 30 minutes interval for each arrival of bus. 

Click here to go to the official website. Below is the route with 23 different stations.
Of course, you can't possibly visit all of them in one day due to the time limit, so my suggestion is, pick certain destination that you really want to visit and hop-off. Below is the bus.

Some places we stopped by are Istana Negara/ National Palace and KL Tower (5 minute drop-off allowed to take pictures)

Had lunch at Suria KLCC, wanted to go up the Twin tower but tickets were sold out, twice!

Next destination is aquarium.
The entrance fee for Aquarium is RM38 per person, RM28 with student card.
We were completely mesmerized by the wide varieties of underwater creatures, from the biggest shark and stingray to the smallest shrimp or the ugly urchins. There are also some rare species lizards and insects. Next time you visit, be prepared to be amazed!

Around 3pm, there's a heavy pour, so we decided to put an end to our trip though there are still a lot of places I wanna go like Petaling street. Furthermore, we are already exhausted and our feet are sore due to the whole day walk. 

Those who don't have transport or even those who have it, this Hop On Hop OFf KL service is a convenient and cheap way to sight see one of the busiest urban city with tour guide explaining all the awesome buildings and places.

Just one little advice, make sure you wear a pair of really good shoes and bring lots of water, for those who are student, bring you card, you'll get a lot of discount.

All in all it was a great experience. So worth it!

There're more post to come. Stay tuned for part 2.

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