Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why do congregation fall asleep during your sermon?

This question might be useful for all the speakers out there.

The answer is simple, because your audience do not understand your sermon.

Since I attended mother church here, I couldn't comprehend the speaker's message and my attention automatically shift to my phone or the surrounding.
In Effective Communication Skills and English for Communication lecture, we were taught how to be a good speaker and not bore them at the same time.

Congregation come not to hear how well you deliver a speech, they are interested in the content of your speech. Preachers have to know that there are many young christians out there, some of them are even 1st-timer to church. You can't expect these people to know the bible thoroughly.

So here are some personal suggestions from a young christian:

1. Avoid using jargons, which are words that only the old christian knew about. For example Martyrdom (the event of people who died for their beliefs). If you HAVE to use it, then please EXPLAIN it. Or else, you'll keep your audience wondering and guessing for the whole sermon.

2. Use simple English. Preachers have to be aware of the type of audience. Some of them do not know many English vocab and this will result in insulting their intelligence. For example, why use "fathom" instead of "understand"? Trust me, I've seen many english educated preacher did this.

3. Limit your speach. We know that you have a lot to share with us, but please be easy with that, congregation's attention won't last more than 1 hour. Narrow down your scope if it's too broad, there's still a lot more Sundays to come.

4. Make it relevant. This is the part where I dislike the most. They tell you a bible story, which is a historical event, (some may even think that it's merely a story/legend), then they end the sermon without relating or very little related to our daily lives. That's the main point of your entire sermon.

5. Add a bit of humor or personal experiences. I tell you, it brings a lot of different effect when you add this 2 elements.

7 Cs of Effective Communication

A successful speaker is able to Inform, Persuade, Motivate and Entertain.

I hope, my tips are useful for all the preachers or preachers-to-be out there. God bless you!

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