Saturday, October 5, 2013

Root of the Cause

Finally, the root of the cause of my toe pain is removed!!!!

A few months a ago, both my intruding toe nails got operated, and new nails are growing,
and it grew into my flesh!!! This is the exact opposite of what the doctor had said before operation.

So, I took antibiotics, finished it, go see doctor(a few times), continue to take, apply antiseptic cream, stop eating my favorite prawns and nuts and pray everyday. The swollen part gradually subsided, then I went to the healing prayer, the pain is gone. Then I thought I can just leave it and no need to go for operation. (I don't want any surgery anymore)

My thought was obviously proved wrong when both toe continue to swell (sometimes bleed) and it became purple colour, so you can imagine how bad it is.  

Yesterday, I told myself, this isn't working, I gotta go fix it.
 I went to the nearest manicure saloon at Jaya One, it's called House of Nail, to get my nail fixed.

I sat on a comfortable massage chair and immersed both feet in a hot water. 
The lady brought her tools which terrified me, there was various-never-seen-before type of nail cutter and scissors, she sat down, wore a pair of surgery gloves and used a tiny spatula to examine my poor toes.

And here comes my biggest fear.........pain!
With heart pumping like a speed of a race car, I watched her meticulously fixed my nail, blood was oozing out all over, she cleaned it and continue. She was struggling to reach the intruding nail that got into the flesh, another assistant was called to help her. She literally performed a surgery on my toe, without any anesthesia!!! 

She asked me if it's painful, I was sweating intensely, adrenaline kept flowing throughout my body, with teeth gnashing and fist clenched so tightly, I couldn't utter a single word, her assistant helped me to express my suppressed pain. In my mind, I just kept praying and and praying that the Lord will grant her all the wisdom, skills and make everything easy for her. 

The lady noticed that I was in deep excruciating pain and kept consoling me to tolerate with it. I think the lady was also very nervous.Only God knows how I endured that extremely terrible pain......

And finally, the bit of nail that had gotten so deeply inside my flesh was finally cut and plucked out,
thanks to the lady's strenuous effort.
At that particular juncture, my entire body relaxed, my sense of relieve was beyond description. 
and I just thank God repeatedly for the successful "operation".

This bit of nail might be very small, but it had been bothering me for a month. 
I've learnt a lesson: You've gotta remove the root of the cause to perpetually fix the problem, or else, it will be a pain in the ass, keep prickling you like a thorn inside. 

Same goes to our lives, whenever we face any problems, we gotta find the cause, and solve it immediately!

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