Wednesday, October 2, 2013


A friend told me this recently, when she joined a 7k run, a crowd full of huge/small smartphones holder are taking tons and tons of pictures before, after, during the race. This scenery is not seen 2 years ago when she joined the same event.

Self-taking photos had became a trend ever since the revolution of smartphones, especially with the availability of front camera and various photo-editing apps. Thanks to this technology advancement, self-taking photo somehow became a daily life routine to some people.

Not to say that this is bad, it brings no harm actually, but I find it a bit too much for those who take pictures of themselves sooooo frequently and I just have to write this post to express how I felt about it.
After wake up.....snap
Before sleep....... snap
Had maggie for lunch....snap
Go to gym......snap
Go to school.....snap
Go to church.....snap
Go everywhere....snap
Do whatever.....snap

This over "Selfie" thing is called Narcissism.

Narcissism is a term that originated with Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. In modern days, it is used to describe people who are 自恋。

You can see some of the profile photos have 2 or sometimes 4 combined pictures of themselves with different (sometimes same) facial expression and poses. No offence, but to be frank, some of their weird facial expressions are quite hideous at times. Some filtered (just learnt this new word, it means adding effect to the photos), some not, some with irrelevant quotes(even Christian quotes but contradicts with the pic), some came with dozens of hashtags like #lotd (Look of the day)or # ootd (Outfit of the day), (some hashtags don't even exist!) and some with cleavage! 

I'm not the type who like to take selfie pictures, I prefer photos taken by someone. It looks more natural to me. Furthermore, pictures have more variations, what I meant here is pic taken from different angle, setting and context. 

There's nothing wrong with taking self pictures, it can actually boost your confident. However, moderation is always good. Too many of your Selfie photos in fact will bore and sometimes annoy your audience, it made me feel like you're in seeking attention in a very desperate way.

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