Sunday, October 13, 2013


Everyday is a difficult day,
There's nothing I like about this place,
the traffic, the surrounding, the people, everything including the air that I breathe.

Everyday is just a day,
No excitement, no anticipation for the things to come,
but only longing to get back to where I belong.

Everyday is a struggling day,
I gotta step out my comfort zone, dealing with people who aren't on the same frequency with me,
faking a smile, telling a lie, saying "I'm fine."

Everyday is an unsatisfactory day,
eating food which has no soul, no warmth, no taste, no love,
there's no other choice but to forcefully swallow.

Everyday is a teary day,
hugging my bear, hoping that this is just a dream,
when I wake up, everything gonna be how it used to be.

Everyday is a tiring lonely day,
no one to eat with, no one to walk with, no one to laugh with,
just waiting for a familiar voice to call every night.

Everyday is a really though day,
This is beyond what I could manage, feel like want to give up everything,
I'm exhausted, I'm scared, I'm confused.

I just want to go home.

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