Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Semester

Yeap, my foundation 2nd semester had just begun.
My mum literally dragged me here, I didn't want to come back, didn't want to step out my comfort zone.
Thanks to the cheap air ticket, I have companion to help me settle down everything, especially my emotion.

I was overwhelmed with joy when I got my result, never thought that I could actually score this high.
Especially maths, coz I didn't manage to finish it during final due to the shortage of time.
Praise the Lord!!!

This sem, I'm taking only 4 subjects, which are Socialization, Effective Communication Skills, Management, and  English for Communication. I find ECS and Management subject very interesting and useful for us, especially management, we were taught how to Plan, Organize, Lead and Control.

This is the narrow trail that I've mentioned in fb.

Yeap, this forest-like-narrow-winding-path actually existed in PJ.
This is an essential route for all my uni students who are staying at Seksyen 17,
whenever the uni bus is not available, this is our short cut path.
Trust me, when it rains, our poor shoes will get wet and muddy.

This is my 1st sem slides and tutorials.
1 ream of paper and 1 set of printer ink was used up.

That's all for now.
Hope that this sem will be an interesting one.

Tata =)

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