Saturday, June 1, 2013

Uni Life: An embarrassing start

Reach PJ on Friday 26/5/13, parents help to prepare everything for me in my room.

1st day of Orientation 20/5/13

After having breakfast with parents, went to bus station to wait for bus without my parents accompanying me. I was so eager and excited to get on the bus that I didn't look at the coming bus' name. I was curious why is everyone not clambering the bus but looking at me. I gave the driver my ticket, he said, no need. Feeling weird, then a male voice from behind said " this is not our bus"

I alighted from the bus, look at the sticker, it says "Universiti Malaya"
I was downright embarrassed that time. Everyone was staring at me.
I felt like want to dig a hole and hide myself in there.
Then, I befriended 2 science stream guy, one of them was the one told me about the wrong bus.

2nd day 21/5/13
We skipped afternoon mass call, because based on our friend's experience, mass call is exactly the same as assembly. Due to no bus scheduled on that time, 5 of us walked home under the flaming hot sun. Good experience.

3rd day 22/5/13
It's Campus Hunt. But none of my friends are going. I ended up taking my parents to KLCC using LRT. Nice experience.
Parents went back at night. Flight delayed. Poor them.

4th day 23/5/13 
Briefing about uni rules and regulations and other course related subject. Was suppose to watch 3 Idiots, but ended up watching New Journey to the west directed by Stephen Chow. Extremely hilarious!

Friday a.k.a Holiday 24/5/13
Went to Mid Valley PC fair to buy a printer, because we were told by the lecturer that we have to print everything out on our own. Took rapidkl to go there. only Rm1.90 per trip.

Saturday 25/5/13
Went to Berjaya Times Square to buy white-collar blouse. The orientation booklet stated that we must wear white-collar tee/blouse for the ID photo-taking. Mana tau, in the end the uni provide it for us -_-!!! Oh ya, the clothes/shoes sold there were damn cheap!!!

Sunday 26/5/13
Jane from FGT Subang Jaya picked me up to join their Sunday Service. Extraordinary experience.

Week 1 of study
Nothing much happen during lecture. No practical and tutorial class. So it's quite relaxing.
Most of the lecturers only explain some intro of the courses.
Met a few classmates. Who are all a year younger than me =(

We have a very strict and yet hilarious English lecturer.
A very strict but experienced MM lecturer. She reminded me of my secondary school chinese teacher. 
A handsome, muscular and very young Sociology lecturer.
A boring and always-murmuring-to-herself Economics lecturer.
A nerdy-looked computing technology male lecturer.

Starting next week, our classes/tutorials/practical officially start.
Week 3 our assignments start.
Week 5 small test start.

So I might be very busy, but I'll try to update asap whenever I have free time.

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