Sunday, June 30, 2013

Uni life : Progressing

Time flies like an twinkling of an eye, it's been 5 weeks and we'll step into the month of July.

A quote says :

"Our life resembles a piece of song, and a beautiful song is composed of black keys and white keys."

I've gone through the black keys as soon as I reached this systematically urbanized city.
Just like the haze, after all are completely gone, I can now enjoy the clear view of the magnificent sky.

This bitter experience told me that

"It is better to have a same belief friend than to have a same hometown friend."

I'm not saying that different belief friend is bad,
it's just that, when you face times of difficulties, and when you seek for their help,
they won't abandon you but will give you some good helping advice, or the least of the least, pray.

From a functionalist point of view(learnt from sociology), there must be something good about anything.
In my case, it put me in a circumstances that trained my patience for 3 whole weeks,  it also made my parents learn to pray and lean on God when facing with troubles. This showed that their faith had really grown tremendously throughout this period.

God put me in a situation that is a total contradict to what I've been praying for- a good roommate. 
And after I've calm down my composure and regain my rational, I realized that this is one of God's mighty plan to polish His servant to become a more patient, have self-control and righteous Christian. 
I have never endure such myriad patience and self-control before. 
The old me would have thrown a big tantrum at that person and made awful decisions.

In a christian point of view, this is called Love.
Today during sermon by Pastor Collin Hurt, he quoted

"God so love us that He sent His only son to die for our sins, but He loved us even more that he didn't want to leave us just like that. "

He wants to mold and refine us into a better shape, a better person. 
I've learnt my lesson, and I really hope that God won't put me in this kind of situation anymore. >_<


27th June marked the 1 monthsary of our friendship built.
So we celebrated it by taking tons and tons of photos (someone promised us 1 roti canai though)
Here goes the crazy moments

These are the people that I hang around with almost all the time. They are all 18 years old.
I thank God for all these awesome, wonderful, cute, sometimes-go-banana friends for they have brought a load of joy and laughter into my life, even in times when I'm really really down.
I met all of them (except for Xin Rui) on the first day of our class, during Bi lecture.
Lecturer asked us to form a group and discuss, and I can still recall vividly, some of them were so shy that they didn't even dare to voice out their opinions.
But look at now, all donno come out from which psychiatric hospital. Wahahahahaha!
And this is what we called Fate!

May God blesses them abundantly and hope that our friendship will last. (though I might be here for only 1 year, yeah I'm considering to do my degree in other uni)

About why I wanted to move, there are a few reasons.
First, the rental here is really really really really expensive. >_<!!!
2nd, I don't like the campus here. Cause it doesn't look and feel like a campus, it was originally a factory.
3rd, my course was not offered in the main campus in Kampar, Perak.
So yeah, I'm considering another uni.

Last Friday, we just had our MM test, it's our first uni test.
and I'm telling you, you won't expect anything that you've experienced in your secondary school.
No separation of table or sitting separately, no putting your bags outside.
Just another regular lecture class setting with a more anticipating and intense atmosphere.
We were only given one hour, and I didn't have time to check my answers T_T.

I guess that's all for this update. Gonna start doing my MM tutorials.

Oh ya, I'm going back this Raya!
I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home!!!

Tata =)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013









错? 两者都有。






Wednesday, June 5, 2013


我的答案:I'm fine here, 就是每天都吃得饱,睡得暖,和一班可爱的朋友上课,三五成群搭巴士,聊八卦和Running Man。






好想念妈咪的温度,妈咪的 kuih goreng, 妈咪的炒米粉,妈咪的ABC+鱼漂 汤。。。




Saturday, June 1, 2013

Uni Life: An embarrassing start

Reach PJ on Friday 26/5/13, parents help to prepare everything for me in my room.

1st day of Orientation 20/5/13

After having breakfast with parents, went to bus station to wait for bus without my parents accompanying me. I was so eager and excited to get on the bus that I didn't look at the coming bus' name. I was curious why is everyone not clambering the bus but looking at me. I gave the driver my ticket, he said, no need. Feeling weird, then a male voice from behind said " this is not our bus"

I alighted from the bus, look at the sticker, it says "Universiti Malaya"
I was downright embarrassed that time. Everyone was staring at me.
I felt like want to dig a hole and hide myself in there.
Then, I befriended 2 science stream guy, one of them was the one told me about the wrong bus.

2nd day 21/5/13
We skipped afternoon mass call, because based on our friend's experience, mass call is exactly the same as assembly. Due to no bus scheduled on that time, 5 of us walked home under the flaming hot sun. Good experience.

3rd day 22/5/13
It's Campus Hunt. But none of my friends are going. I ended up taking my parents to KLCC using LRT. Nice experience.
Parents went back at night. Flight delayed. Poor them.

4th day 23/5/13 
Briefing about uni rules and regulations and other course related subject. Was suppose to watch 3 Idiots, but ended up watching New Journey to the west directed by Stephen Chow. Extremely hilarious!

Friday a.k.a Holiday 24/5/13
Went to Mid Valley PC fair to buy a printer, because we were told by the lecturer that we have to print everything out on our own. Took rapidkl to go there. only Rm1.90 per trip.

Saturday 25/5/13
Went to Berjaya Times Square to buy white-collar blouse. The orientation booklet stated that we must wear white-collar tee/blouse for the ID photo-taking. Mana tau, in the end the uni provide it for us -_-!!! Oh ya, the clothes/shoes sold there were damn cheap!!!

Sunday 26/5/13
Jane from FGT Subang Jaya picked me up to join their Sunday Service. Extraordinary experience.

Week 1 of study
Nothing much happen during lecture. No practical and tutorial class. So it's quite relaxing.
Most of the lecturers only explain some intro of the courses.
Met a few classmates. Who are all a year younger than me =(

We have a very strict and yet hilarious English lecturer.
A very strict but experienced MM lecturer. She reminded me of my secondary school chinese teacher. 
A handsome, muscular and very young Sociology lecturer.
A boring and always-murmuring-to-herself Economics lecturer.
A nerdy-looked computing technology male lecturer.

Starting next week, our classes/tutorials/practical officially start.
Week 3 our assignments start.
Week 5 small test start.

So I might be very busy, but I'll try to update asap whenever I have free time.