Friday, January 4, 2013

Worst day ever!

Thanks sibling for ruining my special day early in the morning.
Yes, I was sensitive. And you knew it.
I was sensitive that my own brother didn't bother to wish me birthday face to face, and what's more?
To order me to do house chores early in the morning on my birthday! 
What a great birthday to start off with.

So I was being pessimistic, and I started to count the number of people who wished me birthday on facebook and hand phone.

I have 936 friends in facebook.
127 wished me.
Which means only 13.57% bother to type that a few words on my timeline.
I don't know if I should be happy or sad.
If think it the positive way : At least you still have 13.57% of friends who cared for you.
The negative way : what about the rest?

I was downright disappointed honestly, because a lot of friends from church, or classmate didn't wish me.
I did wished them on their birthday.
I even add a few more words like God Bless you or All the best in your studies.

I understand that, okay the school just open, so everyone is busy preparing for their new school life, 
they had no time to on facebook, that's why they didn't wish you.
BUT, some of them were not busy at all, coz they have the time to post status in their facebook. 
And they are your "considered" friend some more.
Gosh! Even some of my acquaintance wished me! (Acquaintance = 泛泛之交。)
Agony much?

I had enough, so I started clearing my friend list.
What a shocking discovery!
Some of them deleted you as friend, but still appear as your friend in the list.
So I unfriend them 1 by 1, and guess what, from 936 friends >>>>>>> 859 friends.
Which means a total of 70+ friends did not exist all this time!
I deleted Some existing account coz we never communicate face to face or in facebook and they never wish me birthday.

What's the use of having 900+ friends, but only 13% of them bother to type that few words to you?
Their wishes mean so much to me.
At least, this acknowledge me that I have friends who actually remember my birthday.
You don't have to remember it. Facebook will tell you.
That's the sad part about it.
They knew it. They just don't wanna wish me.

Somehow, I just wanna keep that 13% people on facebook and delete the rest.
But.........haiz.....just let it be.

Yes, I admit it.
I'm a saddist.
I'm an extreme pessimist.
I'm just a sensitive teenage girl who wants attention from her "so called "friends and sibling on her birthday.
That's it. 

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