Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's been 19 years.

Happy Birthday to me! Yay!

Can't believe I've been living on this earth for the 19th year.
Man, how time flies.

Let's recap what I've been doing during my 18th year on this planet.
January, during CNY visited a few houses with a bunch of great friends.
February, start working at a book store for 2 months.
March, took SPM result. Surprisingly I got straight As.
April, start working at a tuition center for a very short period of time due to some reason.
September, work at the same bookstore for 2 weeks.
November, helped out in the preparations for church's year end activities.
December, joined a few church activities.

Yeap. That's all.
I know, it's a very unfulfilling year for me.
The rest of the month, I've been staying at home practically doing nothing.
Well, I said practically.
I did helped my mum to cook everyday for a certain period.
Cleaned the house. Watch TV, online, 
Cleaned the house. Watch TV, online, 
sometimes cleaned the house. Watch TV, online.

I know right, I myself can't believe I've been living those days for a few months.
My 18th year just wasted like that.
But as the chinese saying says, 休息是为了走更长远的路。
还真的休息了一段日子 -_-!

I can't continue like this. I really have to change.
But first I have to change my biological clock.
Oh, it's really frustrating.
Those who know me well will acknowledge that I have jet lag problem.
Trust me, I've never been to any other countries nor state.
Yes, I have jet lag problems.
Partly due to my room, which has no window, which make my body unaware of the time.
And another part is due to boredom at home, so I just sleep whenever I want.

I'm gonna have a fulfilling year, start by cleaning up my messy room first =)
Then a prayer to ask God for directions of my life and seek His guidance as I choose the right path to my future studies.
Then find a job. 

No more jet lag.
No more slacking off.
No more gain weight.
Gambateh to me!


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