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As I was chatting with a few friends, we came across this topic.
You know, I was kinda astonished and when you said that one-night stand is acceptable to you and sex before marriage is no big deal to you. And even more disappointed when you said that in case of 1+1=3, your choice will be abortion.

The world now is turning upside down, nowadays society, especially the youngster who thinks that they are being open-minded felt that there's nothing wrong with having sex before marriage(婚前性行为), living together as an unmarried couple (未婚同居), and having random sexual relationship with a complete stranger (一夜情).

This is sooooooo wrong. Okay
                                         Wrong Cross Clip Art

I'm saying these to you because you're my friend, because I care for you, and that's what friends do, to tell them what is wrong, what is right.

This is what the bible tells us.
Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God's people. Ephesians 5:3 
and so much more similar quotes like these.

And I believe, not only the Bible forbids us to do so, even Buddhist, Muslims and many other religions teach us not to indulge in sexual immorality.

Sometimes, people get influenced by environment, friends and media. They are overly exposed to these kind of scenes or news until they become numb, get used to it, and felt that there's no big deal about it. And it slowly became a norm of the society.
(Somehow I'm glad that Malaysia banned or filter obscene movies, or else, it could be worse because almost all the Americans' drama had these scenes.)

Most of you think that these kind of scenario only happen in open-minded country like America right?
Well, let me prove you wrong. 
People in Malaysia are doing exactly what the Americans are doing.

A non-exposed statistic shows that there's approximately 10 abortions per clinic everyday in SJ. 
Now imagine, how many abortions are done in one week ? 
How about 1 month? 1 year? 
And there's more than 50 clinics in SJ.
Don't forget some of the girls abort their child by taking abortion pills.
Now calculate it yourself.

This sad situation is actually happening in our very own country. 
We don't know about it because it's not shown in the news or media.
Come to think about how many innocent lives were killed just because of their sinful pleasures, 
this is just mind-blowing and horrible.

The real meaning of nowadays marriage is slowly fading.
Do you know why do brides wear white gown when they get married?
It's because white represents Purity.
Unfortunately, not many brides manage to achieve that.

I'm not going to talk about marriage, cause it gonna take ages to explain the whole thing.

In a nutshell, everything is interrelated. One thing leads to another.
Not taking seriously about sex before marriage > sexual immorality > infidelity > broken marriage > divorce.

And this is the reason why rate of divorce is getting higher and higher each year.
In US, 53% of marriages ended divorced. 
Which means, you'll find half of the married Americans are separated.

This is not the scenario that we wanted to see in our society, among our love ones.
I want to see my friends happily married until death do them apart.

You understand what I'm trying to say?
This is a christian diagram about relationship with God and your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse.
As we are getting closer to God, we are actually getting close to one another at the same time.
This is one of the reasons why christian couples last longer than non-believers. 

I knew all of these because I joined a sex education seminar organized by an NGO.
Our education ministry should really consider implementing sex education into our syllabus.
We were showed a video which the people interviewed admitted how regretted they were for not listening to advices and ending up with bad marriages, broken relationships, unwanted pregnancy and STD (Sexually transmitted disease)

Please read my previous post. I find it very enlightening and shared it with you guys. 
It's a letter from your future husband. 
Really hope the teenagers will have some insights after reading this, especially you.

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