Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick update

Hey guys, I'm back!

It's school holiday now, yay everyone's is in holiday mood, except for certain college.
Well well well, where should I start.
Wanted to update long time ago, got a few topics running in my mind, but didn't have the mood to write it down.
Oh well, let's move on.

So, I've been going to church lately, frequently to help out with all the activities coming up this December.
3/12/12, we gonna have this children's 1 day camp called VBS, Vocational Bible School.
I'm preparing the games, the short drama, and decorating the church.
I just enjoy decorating practically everything!
If you come to my church, yeap, that Big christmas tree you see there, was decorated by me. heehee
Oh, I bought a small one for my house too =)
Remind me to take a picture of it.

Here's the list of event that is going to happen.

10-12/12/12 Basel Church youth camp.
Yeah, I'm joining cause I'm curious of their activities which they posted it on fb with weird names.
Kinda excited about it.

12/12/12 Caroling at Gaya street.
Yeap, this year, we ain't goin house to house. Coz we gonna rock the street! Oh yeah.
Remember to come and support us ya.

15/12/12 Christmas Party!!!!
Oh yeah, can't wait, every year, we gonna exchange gift with each other. Last year I got a Cross key chain.
I wonder what I'll get this year =)

16-19/12/12 Youth Camp!
Yeap, I've been waiting a whole year for this event.
And I'm preparing the games as well, and inviting as many people as we can. (there's a story behind this invitation process, maybe i'll tell you next time)
We gonna reach 50 people this year. With God, nothing's impossible!

21/12/12 Youth Christmas dinner at my house.
I prepared a list of menu already, and I'm gonna cook all of it. Can't wait =)

23/12/12 Church Christmas Dinner at Bali-Bali Restaurant
Some of you may have not heard of this restaurant before, it's situated somewhere Sembulan there.
And it's an outdoor restaurant. Hopefully it won't rain on that day. *Fingers crossed*

25/12/12 Jesus is born! yay, Christmas!
I'm planning on a drama, but the youth seems a bit reluctant to do it =(

31/12/12 Sunset service or New Year!
Countdown is always the most exciting part.
Wait for my report and tons of pictures.

So yeah, I'm gonna very busy this month. Might not be able to update until next year =)

You know, somehow I feel so blessed to join a church, a youth group, or should I say being christian.
Since I join the youth, my year end would never be the same.
This is the 4th year I'm joining all the activities listed above, and I'm still getting excited about it.
Every year around this time, anticipation will fill the air, fill my entire soul =)
Before this, I would envy my friends who are going overseas for vacation, but not anymore.
coz I feel it's more fun to spend time playing and learning with a bunch of youth.

That's all for my report (wow, I can write a good long report). Tata.

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