Friday, November 30, 2012

Rejection, rejection and rejection.

November is kind of a rejection month for me.
Got rejected for thousand times until I already get used to it.
In fact, No one likes to be rejected right.
Me too >_<
Urgh! I hate rejection!

Well you can't expect everyone to accept right?
That's how the world turns around.
Speaking of the world, today I heard from an aunty that Sandakan people believe that 21/12/12 is going to be the end of the world. And you know what, all they do now is having fun, doing all kind of possible things before they die, spending all the money on things they want and enjoy to the fullest before they think the world gonna hit apocalypse!
Can you believe it?!

Let's get back to our topic.
You know, I'm a kind or person that if I want to reach a goal, I'll do whatever it takes to reach it. Especially if it involve things that I like. For instance : Hosting an event.
This year our youth camp target is 50 people joining.
And after watching the video Facing The Giants, my faith in the Lord became stronger and I know that nothing is impossible with God.

Prayer is one of the route to reach this goal, but of course with action to go with it.
So, i invited practically the whole fb contacts, friends, strangers, acquaintance, any possible campers.
I message them one by one, I sms them one by one, I follow up them, I keep them updated with the event information, I tried to persuade them with all my might, telling them how fun it is going to be playing and learning together with a bunch of youth for FREE. I also urge the youth to invite their friends from time to time. Keep reminding them to reach 50, the dateline and everything.

One of these people is my very own brother, I've been asking him everyday, persuading him everyday, and even use my own way to threaten him. And guess what, in the end he found a job and said, he gotta work, he can't join. and my mother supported him.

I was so disappointed because he promised to join at first.
Next time don't promise me if you can't join.
And don't say you support me, but do the exact opposite thing when I needed it.
All you guys care is work, work, work, money, money and money.
I hate it!

Back to those people I've invited, you know, i don't quite understand some of them, it's a free trip.
Free to eat, free to stay at 5 star resort, free to play, free to learn, free to make new friends.
Everything's free. And the most important thing is they are Free at that time.
But they choose to reject me.
I'm telling ya, they are soooooo gonna regret it!!!!

Got this one girl lagi funny.
She's a non-christian but wanted to join.
She said :"I don't want to involve any christian related activities ah."
*face palm*
Then better you don't join lah.
This is a christian youth camp, of course mostly the activities are related to christian stuff! haiyo.......

I like hosting an event. I like to plan all the activities, you know every time when someone mention an upcoming event, my head will be full of activities that are going to be carried out.
However, I dislike the invitation part.
The invitation process can be so tough and frustrating.
Those people just won't reply!
And you have to wait, wait and wait.
Coz you scared that you might annoy them if you remind them too frequently.

Somehow, I think that my leader is not doing her job well.
All this while, a younger friend and I were the ones making announcement, reminding the youth, telling them what to do, arranging stuff etc.

Urgh!!! I know I have so many complaints.
I just can't help it. I need to release it out!
I'm getting tired of all these nagging, negotiating, waiting, persuading......
I just want the best youth camp this year.
I just want everything to go on smoothly as I planned.
I just want everyone get to enjoy and learn things about Christianity together.

I don't think I can be an event manager. I get frustrated easily when things don't go well.
I think I need to pray more......

Quick update

Hey guys, I'm back!

It's school holiday now, yay everyone's is in holiday mood, except for certain college.
Well well well, where should I start.
Wanted to update long time ago, got a few topics running in my mind, but didn't have the mood to write it down.
Oh well, let's move on.

So, I've been going to church lately, frequently to help out with all the activities coming up this December.
3/12/12, we gonna have this children's 1 day camp called VBS, Vocational Bible School.
I'm preparing the games, the short drama, and decorating the church.
I just enjoy decorating practically everything!
If you come to my church, yeap, that Big christmas tree you see there, was decorated by me. heehee
Oh, I bought a small one for my house too =)
Remind me to take a picture of it.

Here's the list of event that is going to happen.

10-12/12/12 Basel Church youth camp.
Yeah, I'm joining cause I'm curious of their activities which they posted it on fb with weird names.
Kinda excited about it.

12/12/12 Caroling at Gaya street.
Yeap, this year, we ain't goin house to house. Coz we gonna rock the street! Oh yeah.
Remember to come and support us ya.

15/12/12 Christmas Party!!!!
Oh yeah, can't wait, every year, we gonna exchange gift with each other. Last year I got a Cross key chain.
I wonder what I'll get this year =)

16-19/12/12 Youth Camp!
Yeap, I've been waiting a whole year for this event.
And I'm preparing the games as well, and inviting as many people as we can. (there's a story behind this invitation process, maybe i'll tell you next time)
We gonna reach 50 people this year. With God, nothing's impossible!

21/12/12 Youth Christmas dinner at my house.
I prepared a list of menu already, and I'm gonna cook all of it. Can't wait =)

23/12/12 Church Christmas Dinner at Bali-Bali Restaurant
Some of you may have not heard of this restaurant before, it's situated somewhere Sembulan there.
And it's an outdoor restaurant. Hopefully it won't rain on that day. *Fingers crossed*

25/12/12 Jesus is born! yay, Christmas!
I'm planning on a drama, but the youth seems a bit reluctant to do it =(

31/12/12 Sunset service or New Year!
Countdown is always the most exciting part.
Wait for my report and tons of pictures.

So yeah, I'm gonna very busy this month. Might not be able to update until next year =)

You know, somehow I feel so blessed to join a church, a youth group, or should I say being christian.
Since I join the youth, my year end would never be the same.
This is the 4th year I'm joining all the activities listed above, and I'm still getting excited about it.
Every year around this time, anticipation will fill the air, fill my entire soul =)
Before this, I would envy my friends who are going overseas for vacation, but not anymore.
coz I feel it's more fun to spend time playing and learning with a bunch of youth.

That's all for my report (wow, I can write a good long report). Tata.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


看到fb 上post 满了朋友们的毕业照(注明:其他学校的朋友们),好羡慕啊!



我们学校的传统就是每一年上课的最后一天,各自班级都会举办class party,
然后穿上class T-shirt来显示班级的独特。
因为班上同学都会各自带一些美味佳肴。我去年带寿司 =)


正在玩游戏 =)

Class clown 的余兴节目。



我看见其他几间偏僻的kampong 学校都有穿毕业袍,拍毕业照。

为什么kampong 学校的学生有机会穿毕业袍,我们却没有!
每一年逼学生买Rm30的优惠卷,叫学生赞助产品 for 义卖会。
何止这样,从 Rm30, 接着升到 Rm60, 再升到 Rm100.
还有,我们上初一的时候,已经缴了 Rm100的说什么维修教室费。

结果呢? 课室还不是一样两把风扇(每次下课回来之后一定是满头大汗,更不用说上下午课的时候,简直是在冲凉嘛!),破洞的黑板和让学生用旧桌椅。



某某爱哭猫,想哭就哭吧 =)