Sunday, October 21, 2012

God's protection!

Hey guys, just wanna share with you a truly inspiring testimony from a member of my church.

If you've read the newspaper recently or keep updated with facebook latest news, you'll know the incident of a van crashed into Old Town cafe at Citymall.

Well, this uncle's grandson, was one of the victim who got injured by the accident.
Here goes the story.

So this uncle was bringing his 2 grandchildren. to have their lunch at this cafe.
The uncle ordered a cup of cendol. But he felt strange about this cendol, so he called the waiter to change or something.

When the waiter was heading towards their table, he saw this van came crashing in and instantaneously pulled the uncle's grandson to a safe area. (This uncle and his granddaughter were sitting at a position against the wall. Hence, they were not injured.)

His grandson's arm started to bled and was rushed to the nearby clinic.
He got 7 stitches.

Then this uncle said, if it wasn't the cendol, he wouldn't have called the waiter, and the waiter wouldn't have save the boy. Are these all mere coincidence?

The answer is No. It was protection from God.
The doctor said, the boy might seriously wounded or even worst, die if he was not tugged by the waiter at that particular juncture.

This uncle was so thankful and said that his prayer was answered.
Prayer is part of this uncle's daily routine and one of his prayer request is protection for his family.
And God did it! Isn't God amazing?

Hearing this kind of terrible accident's news reminds me of an incident which transpired about 4 years ago at my very own school.
One afternoon, I was walking alone at the school corridor heading to the staircase to go to 1st floor classroom.
But then when I was about to go up, some intuition told me to wait, maybe later lah.
Then I continue to walk passed the staircase.
But then again, I have hunches telling me that I should go to that classroom now..

And when I reach there, I couldn't believe what had just happened right in front of my eyes!
The glass window from a school's bulletin board suddenly collapse and hit a senior guy who was going down the stairs. He used his palm to support and avoid it but to no avail, the glass just hit his arm and head. Blood immediately gushing out from his palm and stained his whole arm and uniform.

And there I was standing, immensely stunned, staring at this guy with jaw dropped thinking, if it wasn't that hunch, I was supposed to be the one got hit!

One question strikes me again, was that merely coincidence?

You know, sometimes, you gotta believe that God is always by your side and He answers prayers.
Even skeptics like me started to believe it.
What about you?

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