Monday, September 17, 2012

Stock Take

I was called by my former boss to help her do stock check for the last whole week.
Whew, it wasn't as easy as I thought.

They called it Stock Take instead of Stock Check and I didn't know why.
But I'm going to share with you guys what was it like.

1 week before the stock take day, all the workers were busy packing up goods and counting it's quantity.
The store was closed for 2 days for this purpose.

The first day of Stock Take, all of the workers counted all the quantity of objects, I repeat ALL, (now imagine there's thousands of them in the store) until 11.30pm! Gila wei !
Except for me, I left earlier due to headache which was caused by serious sleep deprivation.

On the second day, a group of people called Finance Group from the Head Quarters of the store came over Sabah along with expensive devices to monitor our Stock Take process.  Everyone was given a device called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). This is my first time hearing of its existence as well as touching it.


Everyone was given a specific location number with certain objects, we used this device to scan an object's EAN (International Article Number) a.k.a barcode, then key in the quantity of the object. As I was informed, each PDA cost about RM 13 K. So, we were asked to handle it with maximum care.

The main reason we count these object's quantity is to match the quantity in the computer system to detect if there is any variance. Hence we'll know the lost and profit of a company.

Eg, we have 100 Books, 2 of it were bought. So 98 books suppose to be displayed in the store.
In the computer system, it should have 98+2(sold)=100 books.
If there's only 97 books in the store, that 1 book is considered lost.

Now you get the general idea?

Ok. after all the quantity of objects were key in using the PDA, the result was out!
I gotta tell you, everyone was nervous especially the head department, coz if there is variance especially negative variance, they have to make explanation.

It was quite shocking to know that the negative variance is about RM 54K!
There must be something wrong !

So we counted again, (Imagine we have to recount the whole thing), yeap, we found out some indeed was our mistake, some the Finance Group's mistake.

Even worst, result showed that some of the object location's unknown, but exist in the computer system.
So all the workers were like searching for that missing object. In mandarin we called it 海底捞针。
Yeah, you can imagine how messy the store was.

I didn't know did they found all the missing objects coz I went home at 8pm.
I heard that they worked until 11pm on that day. Ki siao eh !
That's all for my report.

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