Monday, July 9, 2012


You see, I'm joining a camp, those who join will be given a small booklet for collecting funds to help save this starving community from the 3rd world country.

So I informed a group of people (don't want to mention which group) in fb telling them I'm going to collect this thing so that they can actually prepare some money when I collect from them.

To my utter disappointment, they said they have no money, and after much persuasion : "Aiya RM 1 also can lah". Then, they search their bag and handed me RM1.

Ok, maybe some of you will say, "well at least they donate RM1, better than nothing."

Look, the money is not for me okay. It's for charity. Was it that hard to give at least RM5?
I know their family background. They surely can afford more than that.  
How do I know?

Because they can spent so much money on buying branded bags, dresses, travelling.
Because they could buy expensive flight tickets and VVIP seat tickets just to watch their favorite singer.
Because they would rather go exquisite restaurant eating luxurious food.

I don't get it.

Maybe they're not like me.
Maybe they are insensitive towards these poor society.
Maybe they were thinking that this had got nothing to do with them.
Maybe they are not aware that every 8-12 seconds, a child died from hunger.

Anyway, I was able to collect near RM 0.3k within 3 days.
Thank God, I know it's not very much, but at least I've done my best.

I just hope that 1 day, these people will realize the reason behind every campaign was held.
The funds are
Not for me,
Not for the volunteers,
But the needy.

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