Thursday, June 28, 2012


Once again, we had a reunion with primary school classmates.

3 Reunions had been organized, this is the 3rd time, and i'm the only one who attended all the reunions.
It was not successful as I expected, knew it from my last experience.
3 years ago I organized one, not more than 10 showed up.
3 years later, I organized, also not more than 10 joined.

I created an event in facebook, but no one seems to reply.
I just don't get it. I checked their recent activities.
Yes, they are active.
They change profile picture, update status, like and comment links etc.
But, they just won't bother to click the decline/join button.
That's why I don't like hosting event anymore.
Since I don't have their number, so I just personal message them one by one.
Thank God, some of them finally reply.
But, most of them couldn't make it without telling the reasons.

Anyway we had a great time.Who joined?
Me, Jacob, Rachel and her brother Joshua, Gabriel, Kelvin, Wong Boon Kher and Farah.
8 altogether.
Where? Upperstar Lintas.(I just don't understand why KK people likes to go there.)
I didn't make any reservation, but thank God that after queuing for about 15 minutes, we were offered a seat.

Jacob came back from China, that's why someone suggested to hang out together.
He's the happy-go-lucky-guy type. He can just smile and laugh at everything.
Even complaining! The whole night was full of laughter thanks to him.

I brought along our primary school yearbook. They couldn't recognize some of them.
We compared their pictures with facebook pictures.
Some of them looked totally different!
It's really funny to see them asking
"Who the hell is that?
Are we in the same class?
Had I lost my memory?"
Reunion made us think that how time swift like wind, it's just a twinkling of an eye and poof........
everyone had grown so much, both physically and maturity.
Both Jacob and Rachel are going to further study in England.
Jacob is going to do engineering, while Rachel is going to study Law.

All in all, it's really great to see them again.

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