Monday, June 18, 2012

Prayer Camp 2.0

This is my first time joining FGT 1 Teen prayer camp.

Date : 8-9/6/12
Place : Kampung Binsulok

It was a 2 days 1 night camp, it's brief yet Awesome !

It took us 1.5 hour to reach the kampung. Seriously, I've never heard of this kampung before. It is so remote that the place was not shown in any of the sign board along the journey to reach there.

It was what I expected, a very remote place surrounded by jungles and river !
We reached there around 9.30pm.
10pm or thereabout, we started our prayer.

Each youth were given chance to pray for selected prayer item.
We pray according to the prayer list. Our topic covers the nation, the worldwide FGT daughter churches, our church growth and building funds and of course our 1 teen itself.
Even our young members like Xiao Ling, Stephen, Aron and Cynthia also learnt to pray.

By the time our prayer finished, it's already 1am !
Good gracious, time flied like tornadoes.
Supper prepared by the workers there were waiting for us.
Yum Yum !

Some of you may not know, my biological clock is messed up, I sleep in the morning! So here's my chance to capture all these sleeping beauties' photos. Hehehe

Early in the morning while everyone still asleep, I went around and took pictures. 
This is our house.

This is the river I'm talking about. It's just right beside the house ! The scenery was incredible.
The air was extraordinarily fresh with slightly kampung scent. 

Then, we went to the other side, the beach !!!
It's been a year since i left my footsteps on the pearl white sand.
I'm the game master of the day. Glad to see that the youths are enjoying my games as well as each others company.

1pm, after taking our bath and lunch, we bid farewell to Kg Binsulok with sunburned skin, exhausted body and a blazing spirit !

All in all, it's a truly rare and memorable experience, because the youths don't usually get the chance to pray together in a kampung area and bitten by hungry mosquitoes. I'm looking forward to our Youth Camp in December. Hopefully, we will reach our target, 50 people joining. Let's just wait for God to answer our prayer. God bless you all =)

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