Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just saying.

Have you been in a situation like this before, you are hosting an event hoping people will join and have fun together, and the people you invited gave no response?

Well, I do, not once, not twice, but many countless times.
It's even worst when the people you invited agreed at first but didn't showed up on that day, and when we met the next day, they gave total ignorance about it and didn't bother telling you the reasons they couldn't be there.

Isn't it ironic that people can go around browsing facebook pages commenting/liking/updating statuses etc, but don't bother to click the Join/Decline button? Was it that hard? You don't know that kind of feeling when the event is coming near, and still, no replies from your invites?

It's really disappointing, especially when your so-called-close-friends are one of these people.

One more thing, I couldn't help notice that nerds, yes i mean people who only read read read and get outstanding results, are really NERDS. I feel sorry for them. Especially a classmate of mine. He never showed up in any events, not even class party, not to mention the chinese new year gathering, reunion, movie day, and all those hang out days. Though he was invited every single time !

Pathetic much isn't it?

I hope that when he enters college life, his social life will gain some improvements and stop being a typical NERD.

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