Friday, June 29, 2012

Impossible things

If you ever watch Alice in the wonderland movie, you'll remember a line told by Alice's father to her.
"Think of 6 impossible things"

Well, I've been thinking of it. And it really seems impossible to achieve it.
Here it goes.

1. To be a Diamond (Only Amway members will know this)
2. To slim down.
3. To travel all possible places around the world.
4. To establish an institution called "Healing Hands"
5. To write an English fiction novel and had a chance to be made into a blockbuster movie.
6. To master ballroom dance with my crush and we get to perform together.

I'm gonna explain the 4th statement.
One day, I was accompanying my mother and grandmother to the Papar hospital to get some body checkup and medication. I saw these patients are waiting patiently (maybe that's why they are called patient) for their
number to be called to get treatment/medication. Some of them looked so weak and pale. I really pity those patient and start complaining about their poor services.

Then I was told by my mother that hospital in the town area are in the crisis of doctor shortage. That's why it takes a looooooooooooooong time to wait for their turn, including my popo.

So this idea of establishing "Healing Hands" poped out of my mind.
This charity institution will provide scholarships for high achiever students who wants to be a doctor, particularly our own state students. But with condition that these future doctors must serve in sabah's hospital, especially remote area's. "Healing Hands" will also provide the fund to build more and better hospital, buy better medical equipment, help needy patients and lastly to spread God's love."

How is this going to work? Well first, I'll recruit some volunteers to start this by organizing charity programmes and events to collect donations and raise funds from wealthy people and organizations. Then we'll use the funds collected to achieve our goals.

I know this sounds so not logic and impossible for a young girl like me to work it out, but I do really hope that one day, by the mighty hand of God, it will happen.

What about your 6 impossible things that you want to achieve?

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