Friday, June 29, 2012

Impossible things

If you ever watch Alice in the wonderland movie, you'll remember a line told by Alice's father to her.
"Think of 6 impossible things"

Well, I've been thinking of it. And it really seems impossible to achieve it.
Here it goes.

1. To be a Diamond (Only Amway members will know this)
2. To slim down.
3. To travel all possible places around the world.
4. To establish an institution called "Healing Hands"
5. To write an English fiction novel and had a chance to be made into a blockbuster movie.
6. To master ballroom dance with my crush and we get to perform together.

I'm gonna explain the 4th statement.
One day, I was accompanying my mother and grandmother to the Papar hospital to get some body checkup and medication. I saw these patients are waiting patiently (maybe that's why they are called patient) for their
number to be called to get treatment/medication. Some of them looked so weak and pale. I really pity those patient and start complaining about their poor services.

Then I was told by my mother that hospital in the town area are in the crisis of doctor shortage. That's why it takes a looooooooooooooong time to wait for their turn, including my popo.

So this idea of establishing "Healing Hands" poped out of my mind.
This charity institution will provide scholarships for high achiever students who wants to be a doctor, particularly our own state students. But with condition that these future doctors must serve in sabah's hospital, especially remote area's. "Healing Hands" will also provide the fund to build more and better hospital, buy better medical equipment, help needy patients and lastly to spread God's love."

How is this going to work? Well first, I'll recruit some volunteers to start this by organizing charity programmes and events to collect donations and raise funds from wealthy people and organizations. Then we'll use the funds collected to achieve our goals.

I know this sounds so not logic and impossible for a young girl like me to work it out, but I do really hope that one day, by the mighty hand of God, it will happen.

What about your 6 impossible things that you want to achieve?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bye Bye friend

A lot of Bye Byes are happening these few days as my classmates are leaving for greener pasture.

2day, our youth held a small reunion for Stephen in church because he's departing to Taylor College tomorrow. After praise and worship, everyone is given a chance to give a short farewell speech.

Well, I still remember 2 years ago, I invited him to our youth camp.
And never did i expect that, he blended in so well with the other youths.
And since then, he joined our church and youth group regularly.
I see how he gradually changed from a nerd to a matured boy (though sometimes, he may still act childishly) after joining us.

He thanked me for bringing him to FGT,
because without me, he wouldn't have the chance to know all these brilliant friends.
To be frank, I got a bit 舍不得 when he's giving his farewell speech.
but as the english saying goes "Every goodbye makes the next hello closer."

After prayer, we headed to Anak Mami to eat roti canai.

I believe that you can be a great doctor Stephen!
Just don't forget to join our youth camp!

Till then, I bid you adieu.


Once again, we had a reunion with primary school classmates.

3 Reunions had been organized, this is the 3rd time, and i'm the only one who attended all the reunions.
It was not successful as I expected, knew it from my last experience.
3 years ago I organized one, not more than 10 showed up.
3 years later, I organized, also not more than 10 joined.

I created an event in facebook, but no one seems to reply.
I just don't get it. I checked their recent activities.
Yes, they are active.
They change profile picture, update status, like and comment links etc.
But, they just won't bother to click the decline/join button.
That's why I don't like hosting event anymore.
Since I don't have their number, so I just personal message them one by one.
Thank God, some of them finally reply.
But, most of them couldn't make it without telling the reasons.

Anyway we had a great time.Who joined?
Me, Jacob, Rachel and her brother Joshua, Gabriel, Kelvin, Wong Boon Kher and Farah.
8 altogether.
Where? Upperstar Lintas.(I just don't understand why KK people likes to go there.)
I didn't make any reservation, but thank God that after queuing for about 15 minutes, we were offered a seat.

Jacob came back from China, that's why someone suggested to hang out together.
He's the happy-go-lucky-guy type. He can just smile and laugh at everything.
Even complaining! The whole night was full of laughter thanks to him.

I brought along our primary school yearbook. They couldn't recognize some of them.
We compared their pictures with facebook pictures.
Some of them looked totally different!
It's really funny to see them asking
"Who the hell is that?
Are we in the same class?
Had I lost my memory?"
Reunion made us think that how time swift like wind, it's just a twinkling of an eye and poof........
everyone had grown so much, both physically and maturity.
Both Jacob and Rachel are going to further study in England.
Jacob is going to do engineering, while Rachel is going to study Law.

All in all, it's really great to see them again.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A meaningful camp.

         I was invited by a senior to this camp called KK 30-Hour Famine Camp. The purpose of the camp is the raise awareness of Global Hunger among youngster. I find it very meaningful as we can help people in needs.

             I have always wanted to do at least something for these people, it's just that I didn't know how, where and when. Now here's the chance, I'm so gonna join it. I'm glad to know that there are actually people out there who are willing to organize this type of event just to help the famine victims.

             It's a national event, so it is held at places around Malaysia. I don't know about other places, but you may enquire about it.

Below is the detail from the event.

Warmest greeting from Kota Kinabalu 30-Hour DIY Famine Camp.

This year, Chin Cheng Lip @ John (Camp Leader 2012) is partnering with World Vision to host a 30-Hour DIY Famine Camp in Kota Kinabalu.

Why are we doing this? 

925 million people worldwide goes to bed hungry!
Hunger is the world’s Number One Killer, surpassing AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. A child dies from hunger-related causes every 8 to 12 seconds. That’s as many as 11,000 children younger than 5 – killed every day. But something can be done. It is possible for the world to produce enough food to feed 7 billion people and more. 

Why are we doing this in Kota Kinabalu?

The 30-Hour Famine is a global movement against hunger and poverty. The famine has a 15 year history in Malaysia. For the past 4 years, it has been “decentralized”, where volunteer leaders were given the opportunity to hold their own customized famine camp. This year, our camp leader has took up the challenge to run a KK 30-Hour DIY Famine Camp with the aim to increase local public awareness on global hunger as well as to create an avenue for the younger generation to contribute through this meaningful charity programme. 

Discover how you can stand up against hunger by joining the 30-Hour Famine! 

How does it work?

• Campers will be given a donation booklet upon registration to raise fund on behalf of World Vision by approaching family and friends. Students are required to raise a minimum of RM80 and working adults minimum RM120 to be eligible for the Famine Camp. 
• For 30 hours, we fast and learn about global poverty issues through games, activities and videos.
(Qualified paramedics would be on stand-by throughout the event) 

How can I get involved?

• Join us: Sign up now as a DIY Famine camper!
• Donate: Individual donations and corporate sponsorship are welcome.
• Volunteer: Help make our DIY 30-Hour Famine a reality

Registration Details:
- Registration fee: RM20 per person
- Registration Deadline for campers : 30th June 2012 (latest update)
- Registration Deadline for volunteers : 15th July 2012

The team is setting up a booth at City Mall (in front of Giant Hypermarket) for the coming 3 weekends starting tomorrow 
[ 23-24 June, 30-1 July, 7-8 July ]

All are welcome to visit them and find out more about the camp!
Camp registration will also be available at the same time :)

Friday, June 22, 2012


最难留住的 : 光阴
最难把握的 : 机遇
最难做好的 : 细节
最难控制的 : 情绪
最难处理的 : 关系
最难得到的 : 人心
最难改变的 : 习惯
最难战胜的 : 自己
最难找到的 : 知音
最难分配的 : 利益
最难抵挡的 : 诱惑
最难提高的 : 素质

最难减肥 =)

Monday, June 18, 2012

God works in unusual ways.

Few months ago, God sent His angel to console me at 3 am in the morning.
Yesterday, once again, He performed something else.
But this time, instead of angel, He bluetoothed.

Well, I have always wanted to sing like an uncle in my church. He is uncle Joe. (I don't know if I should call him uncle, cause he is only 29, and yet having 4 children already.)

Uncle Joe is an experienced and gifted musician, he could play the keyboard, drum, bass and guitar.
But one thing I admire him the most is he can sing the harmonization of a song by only listening it once and without any practicing.  What I mean by harmonization is alto and soprano. If you've been in the choir before, you'll know the terms. 

So, I was trying to sing like him during Sunday worship. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I play the keyboard and sing in the worship ministry. But to no avail, I rarely succeeded. You see I use the word "rare".
Yes, at times, I succeeded, but with much research on Youtube and practices with piano. 
But sometimes, even after practices, I still sing the soprano part.

On Sunday morning, while I was still asleep, all of a sudden, this alto tune of a Sunday worship song just pop in and kept playing in my mind. Amazingly,when I woke up I could remember every single voice! The fact is, I don't usually remember any voices after waking up.

So, when we started practicing our Sunday worship song, I tried to apply the alto voice to the song, and it worked so amazingly!

God works in bizarre ways. Agree?






“回忆” 让我们懂得珍惜,
“回忆” 让我们懂得感恩,
“回忆“ 让我们懂得去爱,
”回忆“ 让我们懂得幸福。



Prayer Camp 2.0

This is my first time joining FGT 1 Teen prayer camp.

Date : 8-9/6/12
Place : Kampung Binsulok

It was a 2 days 1 night camp, it's brief yet Awesome !

It took us 1.5 hour to reach the kampung. Seriously, I've never heard of this kampung before. It is so remote that the place was not shown in any of the sign board along the journey to reach there.

It was what I expected, a very remote place surrounded by jungles and river !
We reached there around 9.30pm.
10pm or thereabout, we started our prayer.

Each youth were given chance to pray for selected prayer item.
We pray according to the prayer list. Our topic covers the nation, the worldwide FGT daughter churches, our church growth and building funds and of course our 1 teen itself.
Even our young members like Xiao Ling, Stephen, Aron and Cynthia also learnt to pray.

By the time our prayer finished, it's already 1am !
Good gracious, time flied like tornadoes.
Supper prepared by the workers there were waiting for us.
Yum Yum !

Some of you may not know, my biological clock is messed up, I sleep in the morning! So here's my chance to capture all these sleeping beauties' photos. Hehehe

Early in the morning while everyone still asleep, I went around and took pictures. 
This is our house.

This is the river I'm talking about. It's just right beside the house ! The scenery was incredible.
The air was extraordinarily fresh with slightly kampung scent. 

Then, we went to the other side, the beach !!!
It's been a year since i left my footsteps on the pearl white sand.
I'm the game master of the day. Glad to see that the youths are enjoying my games as well as each others company.

1pm, after taking our bath and lunch, we bid farewell to Kg Binsulok with sunburned skin, exhausted body and a blazing spirit !

All in all, it's a truly rare and memorable experience, because the youths don't usually get the chance to pray together in a kampung area and bitten by hungry mosquitoes. I'm looking forward to our Youth Camp in December. Hopefully, we will reach our target, 50 people joining. Let's just wait for God to answer our prayer. God bless you all =)

Friday, June 8, 2012


Ventriloquism, is an act of stagecraft which a person (ventriloquist), changes his/her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, especially a puppeteered "dummy"

The link above is the best ventriloquist I've seen so far.
It's so random and hilarious.

Can't wait for prayer camp later !!!
Buenas Noches !

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just saying.

Have you been in a situation like this before, you are hosting an event hoping people will join and have fun together, and the people you invited gave no response?

Well, I do, not once, not twice, but many countless times.
It's even worst when the people you invited agreed at first but didn't showed up on that day, and when we met the next day, they gave total ignorance about it and didn't bother telling you the reasons they couldn't be there.

Isn't it ironic that people can go around browsing facebook pages commenting/liking/updating statuses etc, but don't bother to click the Join/Decline button? Was it that hard? You don't know that kind of feeling when the event is coming near, and still, no replies from your invites?

It's really disappointing, especially when your so-called-close-friends are one of these people.

One more thing, I couldn't help notice that nerds, yes i mean people who only read read read and get outstanding results, are really NERDS. I feel sorry for them. Especially a classmate of mine. He never showed up in any events, not even class party, not to mention the chinese new year gathering, reunion, movie day, and all those hang out days. Though he was invited every single time !

Pathetic much isn't it?

I hope that when he enters college life, his social life will gain some improvements and stop being a typical NERD.