Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random much?

Wanted to update long time ago, it's just that nothing's in my head and didn't know what topic to discuss.
So let's talk about what have I been doing recently?
Well...............Almost nothing.
My current job is eating, sleeping (alot), online-ing, and potato-couching.
oh ya, and give tuition to my friend's 2 little brother.
2 of them got my brain juice squeezed to explain simple BM words.
One of them couldn't even spell DIA.  T_T !!!
How could they survive the BM essay?!!

OK Let's don't talk about this.
Talk about the weather.
erm...obviously it's freakin HOT !!!

Ok, that was boring.
Oh ya, I've watched this Hong Kong drama recently.
"A Step Into the Past"
Anyone remember this drama???
It is about a man who went back into the Qin dynasty using a time machine.
But the time machine gone out of control and he's stuck in the past.
But in the end, he got married with 2 beautiful ancient girls and had bore a son which is the future emperor.
It was hilarious, romantic, adventurous, and inspiring.
I learnt a lot about Qin dynasty events and famous characters like 秦始皇(嬴政),吕不韦,
成蟜,嫪毐 and etc. from this drama.

I know this drama is kinda old, but the story line and characters never fail to intrigue me.
It brings back my childhood memories.
I can say that so far, this is the best ancient drama i've ever watched.
4 women (picture above) fell in love with the main character in the drama.
Louis Koo. 
Couldn't deny that he is extraordinarily handsome with that over-tanned skin.

I need a vacation.

Yes, I mean Vacation.
Nature, tranquility, relaxation, fun, beaches and a body massage perhaps.
I'm craving for it after watching my up-line's vacation video.

OK. That's all.
There's a prayer camp in 2 weeks time.
Anticipation fills the air right now.

Buenas noches Zzzzzzz.......

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