Thursday, May 31, 2012


For those who don't know Bonjour, it means Hello in French.
I'm so into French movies recently, to my surprise, French movies' are equally awesome as Americans'.

This is the first French movie that I've watched.
I think I'd post it before.

Adele's Adventure

Just like the poster and the title, it's adventurous, hilarious and magical.

Le Petit Nicolas (The Little Nicolas)

This story is told in the 1st person by Nicolas himself.
His naivety created a series of misunderstandings which resulted in humorous acts.

Learn 2 words from this movie.
Le mere (mum)
Le pere  (dad)

3rd French movie which is based on real story.

It is about a wealthy tetraplegic (paralysis caused by illness or injury to a human that results in the partial or total loss of use of all their limbs and torso;)  befriended by a black offender whom later takes care of him. I would say that the story line is both touching and inspiring.

All these wonderful movies can be found in Just bear with all the ads.

Happy watching and Bonne nuit (Good night ) =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random much?

Wanted to update long time ago, it's just that nothing's in my head and didn't know what topic to discuss.
So let's talk about what have I been doing recently?
Well...............Almost nothing.
My current job is eating, sleeping (alot), online-ing, and potato-couching.
oh ya, and give tuition to my friend's 2 little brother.
2 of them got my brain juice squeezed to explain simple BM words.
One of them couldn't even spell DIA.  T_T !!!
How could they survive the BM essay?!!

OK Let's don't talk about this.
Talk about the weather.
erm...obviously it's freakin HOT !!!

Ok, that was boring.
Oh ya, I've watched this Hong Kong drama recently.
"A Step Into the Past"
Anyone remember this drama???
It is about a man who went back into the Qin dynasty using a time machine.
But the time machine gone out of control and he's stuck in the past.
But in the end, he got married with 2 beautiful ancient girls and had bore a son which is the future emperor.
It was hilarious, romantic, adventurous, and inspiring.
I learnt a lot about Qin dynasty events and famous characters like 秦始皇(嬴政),吕不韦,
成蟜,嫪毐 and etc. from this drama.

I know this drama is kinda old, but the story line and characters never fail to intrigue me.
It brings back my childhood memories.
I can say that so far, this is the best ancient drama i've ever watched.
4 women (picture above) fell in love with the main character in the drama.
Louis Koo. 
Couldn't deny that he is extraordinarily handsome with that over-tanned skin.

I need a vacation.

Yes, I mean Vacation.
Nature, tranquility, relaxation, fun, beaches and a body massage perhaps.
I'm craving for it after watching my up-line's vacation video.

OK. That's all.
There's a prayer camp in 2 weeks time.
Anticipation fills the air right now.

Buenas noches Zzzzzzz.......

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Narrative story.

Whoa, it's been months my poor blog was abandoned.
I was reading a friend's blog and was fiendishly intrigued by his rich vocabulary and fascinating post.

Hence, I also wanted to show off my writing skills which had dwindled A LOT since my hands are off books.
Particularly REVISION BOOKS.

So, this essay was written during Form 5 entitled "How will I explain everything to Dad? "

            Sleek car body nicely coated with metallic diamond-blue colour, four stunningly shining rims with the latest design from Germany, 5000cc horse power engine which can speed off on any bumpy surface, touch- screen Global Positioning System (GPS) along with most updated entertaining software installed and a pair of luxurious seats, genuine leather swathed. My dad's most precious belongings in his entire life - 350z also known as Fair Lady.

           2 weeks ago, I got my driving license. The first thing that pop-up in my mind was non other than the Fair Lady. From that day, I never stop begging him to let me lay hands on that sport car. Had I succeeded? You'd figure it out when I told you that I was brain-washed. I was told that I didn't have adequate experience in handling a car, not the mention SPORT CAR, I'm still young in this driving world, especially on the perilous road and so on. Hence, I was only allowed to drive a Malaysian made car- proton waja. For me, it was really a deep humiliation to the son of a well known CEO of a car company and an amateur car collector to drive a proton waja to school.

           One bright Sunday morning, I was told by my maid that mom and dad were on a to Singapore for some car dealing business for 2 days. I was overwhelmed by the news and headed straight forward to the car collection vault for the search of the Fair Lady's key. To my dismay, the key was out of sight. I guess he must have hoarded it together with his other car key's collection. Sometimes, I even wonder if he kept a vigil  at those keys all the time. Filled with disappointment, I went back to room. As I was passing by the master bedroom, something sparkling at a corner caught my attention. Out of curiosity, I entered the bedroom and Golly, it was Fair Lady's key right at the corner of the cupboard. It must have slipped from dad's pocket.
Holding the key in my hand, I've made my mind to break the curfew and revel myself in the exquisite 350z.

         Without further ado, I took a quick shower, put on my best casual outfit, gave a few calls to my best buddies and dashed towards the car collection vault. With utter care, I stepped inside the driver's seat, a twinge of my dad's favorite fragrance, channel VI pierced into my nose instantaneously. Hands automatically lingered on the gear, the specially requested built in high tech electronic touch screen device and finally the steering wheel. The key was inserted and given a quick juggle to the starter, accelerator  pressed and the 5000cc horse power had a new driver to go wild with it !

        15 minutes later, I met up with my buddies. Their jaws dropped instantly when I made my proud arrival with dad's Fair Lady. Envious expressions were obviously written on their faces as they had a peek into my car. At that particular juncture, my entire soul felt dignified to be the driver of this car nemesis. I never felt this much sense of satisfaction before.

        My friend Alan requested to test drive my car. Other friends keep confronting and persuading me that Alan, the car mechanic will handle the car with intense care. I was quite reluctant at first but after much consideration, I took the risk and handed the key to Alan with a condition I'm sitting beside him and he must obey every traffic rules. Alan agreed with a nod.

       I had a great ride as Alan overtook the rest of the car smoothly like an eagle. But as Alan got more excited, he drove faster and faster. He even speed off without looking at the red light at the traffic junction. My heart thumped a thousand bears in my chest, sending adrenaline through my body when he practically "kiss" another car. I warned him that obeying the traffic rules are prerequisite to new-hands like us, but it was all in vain. He continue to speed off like a jaguar chasing its prey to fulfill its satisfaction.

       I had a premonition that something not good is going to happen. Guess what, my premonition was right. Alan tried to show off his drifting skills at a U-turn junction, but instead of drifting smoothly, my dear Fair Lady turned out swerving sharply from side to side and finally ended bumping into a lamp post. Our body jolted to the front but the air bad saved us from the terrible crash.

        I thanked God repeatedly that both of us escaped from major injuries. But what about my car? I was fiendishly dumbfounded and rooted to the ground to see the bumper fell off, right front signal light broken into pieces and the side of the car was severely indented.

        At that moment, I couldn't utter a single word. My dad's Fair Lady was completely crashed in just twinkling of an eye. I should have listened to my dad, a faint twinge of remorse covered all over me. How will I explain everything to my dad?