Thursday, March 15, 2012

You are special in God's eyes.

No one deserves to be called ugly, fat, short or incompetence.
I repeat.
No one.
No one can judge us.
Except God.

Everyone is different.
God made us different in every way.
Yes, we have weaknesses.
But never forget, we too have talent or special ability in certain area.

There are people who are trying to condemn us.
Sometimes, we got influenced by their harsh words and feel down.
But always remember that, there's one person will be right by your side.
Yes. Look up there.

If you feel that you are lacking anything.
Count and write down the blessings you get every day.
A chinese proverbs taught us.
比上不足,比下有余 。
This is true.
Try comparing yourself with Ugandan abducted children, African starving family or even our Sabah's remote area villagers who are not well educated.

You have so much more.

In everything you do, give thanks.
Give thanks list
- everyday you wake up in peace
- every meal you take
- salary you receive every month
- good health
- friends and family
- protection
- warm shelter
- able to see, speak, listen, write, walk normally
- talent/special ability
- joy and tranquility
- all the electronics in your house
- electricity and internet line (imagine our life without these)

I wanted to upload a video here, but it's very slow.
So I'll just paste the link here.

There's once, I was in deep depression.
I watched this video.
And I felt never better before.

Enjoy it.

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