Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's working time.

Ok, Since I can't sleep, so decided to update my blog.

So yeah, I'm working (finally).
After 1 month of becoming potato couch at home, finally got myself a job at a bookstore in CP.
(You see that I emphasize on the word "Finally" )

I'm a part time assistant who arrange all those messed up stationery back to their original place.
Or you can use another word to describe it : Housekeeping.
Thanks to our picky customers.

Been standing, walking, arranging, climbing, passing, distributing things for 8 hours.
Now I'm in extreme lethargy and my feet were in deep excruciating pain.
(That's because I never exercise.)
Ironically, I don't feel sleepy at all.

Anyway,, it's a good way to work out, after don't-know-how-many-months-ago.

Oh, did I mention that the bookstore was crowded with students?
Yeah, that's because they just got the RM 200 voucher.
Most of them were college/form 6/uni students.
Btw, I saw many young nurses.

And, they called me "Kak".
Do I look old?
Hello, just because I'm a worker there didn't mean that I'm older than you guys.

Anyway, it's a great experience.
So if you happen to stop by at this bookstore, don't forget to come and visit me.
I'll be rushing here and there.

Buenas Noches People !

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