Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To you. Yes, you.

First of all, I want to make a clear statement.
I wasn't the first one to organize this event.
I was invited through a message in fb.

And you know what,
Your name didn't appear in that guest list.

Then, to make things easier and simpler,
I was requested to make an event,
and the guest list of this event was according to the people involved in that message.

Next, I had the same experience as you.
Yes, left out, ignored, and seem like no one care.
I understand that no one likes to be left out, including me.
In fact it hurts.
It hurts the most when they boast about something or post pictures in fb,
and You are not involved.
So, you start to blame them.

But sometimes, you gotta think what are the causes of these?

Sometimes we didn't realize that the actual problem comes within from ourselves.
This is the time you should look in the mirror and reflect.

But there are also times that we are in the wrong group of people.
Life is all about trying and exploring.
You gotta keep trying to find your group and fit in.
I once was in the wrong group of people, being with them brings no happiness to me.
Hence, I left them and join the other group.

Now, whenever I see their pictures, post, conversations in fb.
I felt Nothing because I've learnt to let go.

Look, I don't wanna offend you but this is the fact and please accept it.
So far, what I've known is majority in this group didn't like you presence.
And again, look into yourself, reflect.

But, I see that you like animes, hobby-cons and cos-play.
and you found some friends who share the same interest with you.
So why don't you think it the other way,

Hey, I should hang out with these people.
These are the people who care for me,
who feel comfortable with my presence,
who like what I like.

To be frank, you are quite a handsome guy.
You are not handicapped, or ugly, or having any sickness.
You only have some minor problems with your attitude.
Just remove the bad ones, I believe one day you'll have friends beyond your imagination.

By the way, about the video that you commented,
believe or not, God exist and miracles do appear. It just a matter of time.

You know what, there are reasons why people are attending church service or any other religion classes.
Not only Christians, even Buddhist teaches and implants good values in their believer.
Do you realize that people who have strong faith in their religion tend to have positive minded and mature?
That is because we are taught not to be boastful, not to be hot-tempered, not to be a pessimist, and many other wonderful things.

Here's an advice for you, join some religious activities, make some new friends, broaden you social life, and stop whining about your pathetic life everyday (or should i say every single hour).
It helps both emotionally and psychologically.

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