Saturday, January 7, 2012

God is talking to me.

As i was blogwalking, this phrase caught my attention and i was drown in a deep thought.
Oh ya, i found out that my english vocab had regressed since holidays.

God might destroy our dreams and He'll raise those dreams again so that our dreams would be His dreams for us as well.

He had destroyed my dream. I once hated Him so much because of this.

But then i realize that, God has his reasons and purposes of doing this.
And now i'm seeing the outcome of it.

My relationship with family members were better, stronger and healthier.
I learnt to get up again after falling down.
God spoke to me through a church member at 3 am in the morning,

God is like a father holding a toddler who is just learning to walk.
The toddler wouldn't learn if the father never let go of his hands.

When trials and tribulations hit us, God let go of his hand.
He wants us to learn to walk just like the toddler.
The first step is never easy. We'll fall.

But at the end, when we see our footsteps behind,
we will be overwhelmed with satisfaction and proud of ourselves.

Now, I'm waiting for Him to raise another dream for me.
I believe that this new dream will be a better dream for me, family and of course Him.

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