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Teens, Sex, Marriage,

As I was chatting with a few friends, we came across this topic.
You know, I was kinda astonished and when you said that one-night stand is acceptable to you and sex before marriage is no big deal to you. And even more disappointed when you said that in case of 1+1=3, your choice will be abortion.

The world now is turning upside down, nowadays society, especially the youngster who thinks that they are being open-minded felt that there's nothing wrong with having sex before marriage(婚前性行为), living together as an unmarried couple (未婚同居), and having random sexual relationship with a complete stranger (一夜情).

This is sooooooo wrong. Okay
                                         Wrong Cross Clip Art

I'm saying these to you because you're my friend, because I care for you, and that's what friends do, to tell them what is wrong, what is right.

This is what the bible tells us.
Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God's people. Ephesians 5:3 
and so much more similar quotes like these.

And I believe, not only the Bible forbids us to do so, even Buddhist, Muslims and many other religions teach us not to indulge in sexual immorality.

Sometimes, people get influenced by environment, friends and media. They are overly exposed to these kind of scenes or news until they become numb, get used to it, and felt that there's no big deal about it. And it slowly became a norm of the society.
(Somehow I'm glad that Malaysia banned or filter obscene movies, or else, it could be worse because almost all the Americans' drama had these scenes.)

Most of you think that these kind of scenario only happen in open-minded country like America right?
Well, let me prove you wrong. 
People in Malaysia are doing exactly what the Americans are doing.

A non-exposed statistic shows that there's approximately 10 abortions per clinic everyday in SJ. 
Now imagine, how many abortions are done in one week ? 
How about 1 month? 1 year? 
And there's more than 50 clinics in SJ.
Don't forget some of the girls abort their child by taking abortion pills.
Now calculate it yourself.

This sad situation is actually happening in our very own country. 
We don't know about it because it's not shown in the news or media.
Come to think about how many innocent lives were killed just because of their sinful pleasures, 
this is just mind-blowing and horrible.

The real meaning of nowadays marriage is slowly fading.
Do you know why do brides wear white gown when they get married?
It's because white represents Purity.
Unfortunately, not many brides manage to achieve that.

I'm not going to talk about marriage, cause it gonna take ages to explain the whole thing.

In a nutshell, everything is interrelated. One thing leads to another.
Not taking seriously about sex before marriage > sexual immorality > infidelity > broken marriage > divorce.

And this is the reason why rate of divorce is getting higher and higher each year.
In US, 53% of marriages ended divorced. 
Which means, you'll find half of the married Americans are separated.

This is not the scenario that we wanted to see in our society, among our love ones.
I want to see my friends happily married until death do them apart.

You understand what I'm trying to say?
This is a christian diagram about relationship with God and your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse.
As we are getting closer to God, we are actually getting close to one another at the same time.
This is one of the reasons why christian couples last longer than non-believers. 

I knew all of these because I joined a sex education seminar organized by an NGO.
Our education ministry should really consider implementing sex education into our syllabus.
We were showed a video which the people interviewed admitted how regretted they were for not listening to advices and ending up with bad marriages, broken relationships, unwanted pregnancy and STD (Sexually transmitted disease)

Please read my previous post. I find it very enlightening and shared it with you guys. 
It's a letter from your future husband. 
Really hope the teenagers will have some insights after reading this, especially you.

A letter from your future husband

Just a little something inspiring to share, this is a letter from my "future husband" which I got it from a sex education seminar called "No Apologies". Teenagers out there, please take you time to read.

To My Future Wife


Even though I don't know exactly who you'll be yet, I think of you often. I wonder how you're living your life now. It matters to me because how you live your life now determines the kind of woman I'll spend the rest of my life with.

Apparently for some bizarre reason, manhood doesn't come automatically for males. Some guys seem to spend their entire lives trying to "prove their manhood" - by hunting, playing sports, driving fast and unfortunately, by having sex. It seems rather strange to even to me that guys think having sex proves they are men. To me it just proves that they have reached puberty.

Becoming a woman is a much more complicated process. The funny thing is, even in this day and age; most girls want to marry guy who respects her sexuality. A girl doesn't like the idea of her future husband in the backseat with someone else, or of him being the subject of a sexual romance story in the locker room. They'll brag about guys like that, but they won't marry them. They want to marry a guy who has never "done it", who recognizes that sex speaks of forever, committed love - someone like me.

But why would I want to marry someone like that - someone who wants to marry a virgin but spends her life giving away her virginity freely? She's not a "real woman" in my eyes - She's an immature girl driven by insecurity, not love.

I want more from you.
I want you to respect your sexuality as much as I respect mine.
I want you to really learn to love.
Learning to love is learning to put the other first. A girl who messes around outside of marriage isn't putting the good of the other first. She's putting herself at risk of unwanted pregnancy and even some nasty diseases - diseases she can then pass to her husband and children.

A real woman doesn't let her desires control her actions. She controls her desires instead. I want you to develop self-control. That's important to me. I don't want to marry a woman who can't control herself. Women like that make unfaithful wives.

When I meet you, I want you to be a woman who has made a conscious decision to wait-out of love for our future family and commitment to marriage. I want you to be a real woman, who has developed the self-control, maturity and unselfishness that waiting brings. That will make you a better woman, and a better mother.

I've abstained from sex all these years, and saying "no" hasn't always been easy. I'm sure it wasn't always easy for you either. But it will make our marriage so much stronger. Sex will be our gift to each other. It will belong to us; not "us and everyone else we have been dated".

Thanks for waiting for me. I promise you won't regret it.

From your future husband

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FGT 1 Teen Youth camp 2012

Whew..........gosh, completely fatigue when reach home.
ALL glory goes to God.

Just wanna thank God for everything.
Months and months of prayer were finally answered.
Though we didn't reach our target which was 50 people, but we had a breakthrough in the number of participants.
This year's camp had the most camper joining, altogether 36 youths.
Just like Aaron shared, 少人有少人的好处,this actually allow the campers to have the opportunity to talk to each other and stay close within that 4 days.
So yeah, look at the bright side of it, maybe this is one of God's plan, is to let us to be connected.
But, I'm still hoping we can reach 40 next year =)

Being part of the organizer committee is quite tiring and challenging, especially when you're the game master.
When someone told you that your game was awesome and fun, that kind of feeling is indescribable.
You felt that your work is done, is not wasted, is appreciated.
And of course, wanted to thank Winston for some of his Running Man idea, Cindy and Anne for helping out.

This year, our youth felt so blessed and honored to have Pastor Alvin Tan to be our speaker.
He is, so far, the most talented, the most gifted, the funniest and cutest pastor I've ever seen.
The youth didn't fall asleep during his sermon.
Because he's too funny to be ignored.
He used a lot of metaphors,in mandarin we called it 比喻,to explain his sermon. 
Plus his funny actions and face expression, you just couldn't help laughing and pay attention despite being very tired. 
Before we met him, I heard that he's serving in the worship ministry, and is a pianist, or keyboardist to be exact. That time I was thinking, O gui lah, this time 献丑了。
结果真的献丑了 >.<!

Usually, we'll pray before we start the talk, there's one morning, he asked us to pray by singing a song. And he played the keyboard.
My jaws just dropped immediately, 简直是太强了!

My keyboard skills is just way too far from his standard. 简直是天和地。
Man, from that moment, I told myself, I gotta learn to improve and sharpen my piano skills.
Any worship conference/workshop/meeting, I must join. 
Honestly, I think that all of our youth should really learn to improve their skills.
The moment he lead us in our prayer with that song, I felt so touched by the holy spirit that I didn't realize tears welled up at the corner of my eyes, and dropped one by one.

Wanna thank God again that a few people who I've been praying for to join this camp.
Especially this 2 people, Paula and my cousin Brian. Both their Buddhist parents are very strict in allowing their children to join this kind of christian's activities. 
But with God, nothing is impossible. 
In the end, their parents said yes.
So yeah, nothing is impossible with God! 

Also wanna thank all the sponsors of the camp, or else, we won't have this many people to join.
I think most of the people join because it's free. Yeah, free for non-christian, half price for christian.
I think that our expenses is more than 10 thousand, way far our budget.
 But thanks to all these people, we are blessed and and the camp was successful. 
God bless them abundantly.

So I just let the pictures do the talking.

Topic: Maintaining The Blazing Flame
Theme: Malaysian Traditional Costume
Date : 16-19/12/12
Place : Borneo Paradise (a very nice place)

1st Day
Dinner prayer. (Obviously someone is not praying)

Praise and worship

 2nd day

While planning their strategies.

After finding their treasure in the swimming pool.

The Spider web game

A coffee drinking game. Idea by Winston which was inspired by the famous tv game show, Running Man.

Makan time!

Happy Birthday Pastor!

3rd Day
Running Man

1 down.

The hunters =)

Mer-man and sand castle (sadly, our group got the last place)

Talent Night. Our group.

Best Male Costume

Last Day

For those who didn't join, I'm sure you'll be regret by now seeing all these awesome pics.
Nvm, next year we still have, join us ya.

Oh, I donno what happen to my photos, it became like that when it's uploaded. 
And it takes like forever to be uploaded, I'm lazy to re-upload again, so i just let it be like that.

That's all, hope to see every camper again next year.
I'm anticipating for the next camp already, and guess what,
 I already have a few activities for camp running in my mind. 

Good night =)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another youth camp

Hey guys, just got back from camp yesterday, was completely fatigued.

1st day 10/12/12, register at 1 pm.
Opening ceremony at 2.30 pm (half an hour late), continue with praise and worship and ice breaker.
We have 6 groups. I'm in group Blue.
and guess what, our leader is a 15 year old girl.
Let's name her C.
So, we need to discuss out group name, group's shout out, and the movie which we are going to film.

Oh, did I mention Movie?
The movie is for the 金钟奖, that's one of the reason I join this camp. Out of curiosity.
Every group needs to film a movie within 3 days, and then, during 金钟奖 ceremony, the short movie will be judged, best actor, actress etc will be chosen.

C is sitting next to me, the one with glasses. Blue is my group. But 3 of them are 导师,hence, not included in our group.
Ok let's move on.
So we were discussing the roles, I volunteered to be the camera man, coz I had my camera with me.
And, I didn't felt appropriate to be the director coz I'm a new comer, and C is the leader.
She asked the group for idea.
I gave C a few. (my head is always full of idea when it comes to drama),
She rejected me in a very pleasant and polite way(coz we just met).
Then, she came out with her own idea, which has no ending, and not complete like mine.

Later, our group start filming without a proper story, we only have the front part.
We're an unlucky group to have an uncooperative guy. He's the only guy in the group.
That's why we choose him to be the lead actor. Let's name him J.
J was very uncooperative and 死板。
C got very mad and choose another girl to be the lead actor.

C told me she wanted this, she wanted that.
So I followed her instructions.
But, she didn't quite like it. And asked me to re film (a few times).
Getting a lil frustrated, I told her, I'll let her do the filming.
But she insisted on me to do it.
She was so bossy, she wanted everything to be perfect.
I really wanted to tell her that we don't have a high tech camera and equipment nor that a group of professional actors. How to be perfect? But I didn't, since she's the leader, I'll just let her boss around.
We ended up filming the 1st simple scene for like 10+ times. Which was very tiring for me and the actors.

The next day, she had to prepare games for the afternoon telematch, so she told us this.
C : "我要你拍一个情景来比较两个角色,要特出一个是平凡女孩,一个有钱人。我现在不得空,我把一切交给你。"
She only told me to film it without a story line and 对白。
So I created a situation with 对白 for the characters, we got that scene filmed after a few attempts and practices.
And guess what, she didn't like it.
This time, she rejected me in a rude way.
Rage Guy Angry Fuu Fuuu Rage Face Meme Poster
I was so furious that time. But I remain silent.
Then, she told us a scene and asked us to film according to her story line.

Our group left 5 people, so another boy was added.
Let's name him W.
Both J and W were very uncooperative.
They didn't want to film, they didn't want to play water games, they didn't want to wash the plates.
Every time during devotion, when they were asked to share something, they just remain silent.
They just wouldn't want to think, when they were asked by our leader's leader, they just reply donno. eye see!

After the telematch, I was so tired and headache that I left the last game(which only require 1 person to play), took a quick bath and went to sleep.
My biological was messed up again. Hence, the night before, I couldn't sleep at all!
I think that C got furious when she saw me sleeping instead of filming.
Coz before that, she warned us not to rest after the telematch but continue filming without her.

After 1 hour + of sleeping, I woke up and got better.
I asked for panadols. Then I join the team with the filming.
She was not there, another team's leader (which was also 15 years old) directed us.
Let's call her S.
S said C was very angry with us. C said we were not cooperative wah. That's why S came and help us out.
Please lah, if I'm not cooperative, I wouldn't have lend you my camera, I wouldn't have given you so many rejected ideas, I would have stop filming for your group.

The reason she said we are not cooperative is because we couldn't film what she wanted.
Plus there are 2 very uncooperative guy in our group who are not willing to do anything.

Later, she came and join us. She didn't want to look at me and talked to us in a rude way.
The 2 guys oso came and join us. (I think they got brainwashed by the youth leader.)
I think she discovered that I took panadols, her tone suddenly change and told me to rest.
Better, I don't have to take orders from her.
Honestly, I don't like to be ordered to do things. Especially from a 15 year old girl who became so bossy and arrogant.

So I took another 1 hour nap until dinner.
After praise and worship, we continue to film.
Oh, I really got bored with this filming.
The whole camp was all about filming.
Last time, the whole camp was all about cooking, coz we need to cook every meal. And each meal took us about 3 hours. All the time just wasted like that. Now all the time wasted on filming and listening to bossy leader.

So, this time, I let C to film it herself.
10.30pm, we all gathered at the hall for group devotion until 11pm.
Talking about devotion, C couldn't lead us at all. All she asked was, 你有什么东西要分享的吗?
The 1st devotion still ok, and I did praised her for that. Coz I was kinda amazed that a 15 year old girl can lead us in devotion. But after the 2nd and 3rd one, Oh no....*face palm*, she herself didn't understand the devotion text. And she always pull that long face, I don't like to see that.
This is so far the biggest mistake done by the committee of the camp, they chose a too young leader to lead us. Luckily, on the 3rd devotion is the youth leader himself lead us. Or else, we'll be in a MCC state.

11pm +, C started to edit the movie, she asked me to film the rest and insisted to finish it by that night.
So, Me, bringing 2 other team members, continue to film the movie.
Again, I created a scene and discussed the 对白with them.
There's a girl from other team member came to see and help us.
She asked us not to blame our leader wah, coz she is very stressful wah.

I don't think it's the stress problem, the main problem is, she didn't communicate well with her team member.
She only knows how to order people to do things according to HER way.
And won't listen to her group member's suggestions and opinion.

1 team member scared C will not like the scene I created again, and said ask her suggestion first.
I told her that C will not get satisfied everything we do, we can't do it her way.
And I don't think she will reject what we film, coz this is our last chance to film. And there's a lot more editing for her to do.
So 12pm +, finally, we got it done!

The 3rd day after lunch, we had this 金钟奖颁奖典礼。
2 MCs of the day.

All the group's movie was shown.

When I saw our movie, I was fiendishly disappointed!
She muted mostly the scene we film and put background music.

All our efforts of discussing, practicing the 对白 was wasted like that.
If you don't want to have any 对白,just tell us lah. Then we no need to think of the conversation and practice, which was very time consuming.
This whole filming thing is such a failure and disappointing.

All the other groups won more than 1 awards.
There are,最佳男女主角,最佳人气男女演员,最佳导演,最佳音响,最佳剪接,最佳男女配角,最佳kelefeh 和最佳影片。
But then, thank God that our group at least won one award.
Our lead actress won 最佳女主角。

The newcomers group. 

Best actress and actor.

All her hard work had paid off. And she thanked me for accompanying her to practice and film until midnight.

After that, we had this 分享午会。
Which everyone make a big circle, sit down and start writing on everyone's 留言板。
I wrote everything I need to write on my leader's 留言板, and that 2 uncooperative guys.

Someone actually wrote this on my 留言板。So brave and funny XD.

I would rate the camp as 5/10.
The speaker was good, the activities were quite fun.
The food was quite ok, only the breakfast not ok, we only had bread and vico for breakfast for 2 days,
all the boys complain not enough to eat, at least should have fried mee hun or fried mee.
They forgot to mention the rules and regulations of the camp until 2nd day.
Their youth are not friendly. They just hang around together with their people and left the newcomers alone.
Their time management was really bad. Every activities was late.
The 金钟奖颁奖典礼did not went well, they have a lot of technical problem, so much time wasted.
Their 2 MC not really good, especially my leader. Yes, she is one of the MC.
The 分享午会also very time consuming.
We should go back at 4pm. But they haven't end until 5.30pm, I requested to go home first coz I had caroling after that.

They really need to improve on their time management.
Last time I joined also like that.

All in all, it was a brand new experience for me. Especially this filming thingy.
Now I know what is meant by their 金钟奖. Next time if I see this thing in their activities list and still hold it at the same place, I won't join anymore.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rejection, rejection and rejection.

November is kind of a rejection month for me.
Got rejected for thousand times until I already get used to it.
In fact, No one likes to be rejected right.
Me too >_<
Urgh! I hate rejection!

Well you can't expect everyone to accept right?
That's how the world turns around.
Speaking of the world, today I heard from an aunty that Sandakan people believe that 21/12/12 is going to be the end of the world. And you know what, all they do now is having fun, doing all kind of possible things before they die, spending all the money on things they want and enjoy to the fullest before they think the world gonna hit apocalypse!
Can you believe it?!

Let's get back to our topic.
You know, I'm a kind or person that if I want to reach a goal, I'll do whatever it takes to reach it. Especially if it involve things that I like. For instance : Hosting an event.
This year our youth camp target is 50 people joining.
And after watching the video Facing The Giants, my faith in the Lord became stronger and I know that nothing is impossible with God.

Prayer is one of the route to reach this goal, but of course with action to go with it.
So, i invited practically the whole fb contacts, friends, strangers, acquaintance, any possible campers.
I message them one by one, I sms them one by one, I follow up them, I keep them updated with the event information, I tried to persuade them with all my might, telling them how fun it is going to be playing and learning together with a bunch of youth for FREE. I also urge the youth to invite their friends from time to time. Keep reminding them to reach 50, the dateline and everything.

One of these people is my very own brother, I've been asking him everyday, persuading him everyday, and even use my own way to threaten him. And guess what, in the end he found a job and said, he gotta work, he can't join. and my mother supported him.

I was so disappointed because he promised to join at first.
Next time don't promise me if you can't join.
And don't say you support me, but do the exact opposite thing when I needed it.
All you guys care is work, work, work, money, money and money.
I hate it!

Back to those people I've invited, you know, i don't quite understand some of them, it's a free trip.
Free to eat, free to stay at 5 star resort, free to play, free to learn, free to make new friends.
Everything's free. And the most important thing is they are Free at that time.
But they choose to reject me.
I'm telling ya, they are soooooo gonna regret it!!!!

Got this one girl lagi funny.
She's a non-christian but wanted to join.
She said :"I don't want to involve any christian related activities ah."
*face palm*
Then better you don't join lah.
This is a christian youth camp, of course mostly the activities are related to christian stuff! haiyo.......

I like hosting an event. I like to plan all the activities, you know every time when someone mention an upcoming event, my head will be full of activities that are going to be carried out.
However, I dislike the invitation part.
The invitation process can be so tough and frustrating.
Those people just won't reply!
And you have to wait, wait and wait.
Coz you scared that you might annoy them if you remind them too frequently.

Somehow, I think that my leader is not doing her job well.
All this while, a younger friend and I were the ones making announcement, reminding the youth, telling them what to do, arranging stuff etc.

Urgh!!! I know I have so many complaints.
I just can't help it. I need to release it out!
I'm getting tired of all these nagging, negotiating, waiting, persuading......
I just want the best youth camp this year.
I just want everything to go on smoothly as I planned.
I just want everyone get to enjoy and learn things about Christianity together.

I don't think I can be an event manager. I get frustrated easily when things don't go well.
I think I need to pray more......

Quick update

Hey guys, I'm back!

It's school holiday now, yay everyone's is in holiday mood, except for certain college.
Well well well, where should I start.
Wanted to update long time ago, got a few topics running in my mind, but didn't have the mood to write it down.
Oh well, let's move on.

So, I've been going to church lately, frequently to help out with all the activities coming up this December.
3/12/12, we gonna have this children's 1 day camp called VBS, Vocational Bible School.
I'm preparing the games, the short drama, and decorating the church.
I just enjoy decorating practically everything!
If you come to my church, yeap, that Big christmas tree you see there, was decorated by me. heehee
Oh, I bought a small one for my house too =)
Remind me to take a picture of it.

Here's the list of event that is going to happen.

10-12/12/12 Basel Church youth camp.
Yeah, I'm joining cause I'm curious of their activities which they posted it on fb with weird names.
Kinda excited about it.

12/12/12 Caroling at Gaya street.
Yeap, this year, we ain't goin house to house. Coz we gonna rock the street! Oh yeah.
Remember to come and support us ya.

15/12/12 Christmas Party!!!!
Oh yeah, can't wait, every year, we gonna exchange gift with each other. Last year I got a Cross key chain.
I wonder what I'll get this year =)

16-19/12/12 Youth Camp!
Yeap, I've been waiting a whole year for this event.
And I'm preparing the games as well, and inviting as many people as we can. (there's a story behind this invitation process, maybe i'll tell you next time)
We gonna reach 50 people this year. With God, nothing's impossible!

21/12/12 Youth Christmas dinner at my house.
I prepared a list of menu already, and I'm gonna cook all of it. Can't wait =)

23/12/12 Church Christmas Dinner at Bali-Bali Restaurant
Some of you may have not heard of this restaurant before, it's situated somewhere Sembulan there.
And it's an outdoor restaurant. Hopefully it won't rain on that day. *Fingers crossed*

25/12/12 Jesus is born! yay, Christmas!
I'm planning on a drama, but the youth seems a bit reluctant to do it =(

31/12/12 Sunset service or New Year!
Countdown is always the most exciting part.
Wait for my report and tons of pictures.

So yeah, I'm gonna very busy this month. Might not be able to update until next year =)

You know, somehow I feel so blessed to join a church, a youth group, or should I say being christian.
Since I join the youth, my year end would never be the same.
This is the 4th year I'm joining all the activities listed above, and I'm still getting excited about it.
Every year around this time, anticipation will fill the air, fill my entire soul =)
Before this, I would envy my friends who are going overseas for vacation, but not anymore.
coz I feel it's more fun to spend time playing and learning with a bunch of youth.

That's all for my report (wow, I can write a good long report). Tata.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


看到fb 上post 满了朋友们的毕业照(注明:其他学校的朋友们),好羡慕啊!



我们学校的传统就是每一年上课的最后一天,各自班级都会举办class party,
然后穿上class T-shirt来显示班级的独特。
因为班上同学都会各自带一些美味佳肴。我去年带寿司 =)


正在玩游戏 =)

Class clown 的余兴节目。



我看见其他几间偏僻的kampong 学校都有穿毕业袍,拍毕业照。

为什么kampong 学校的学生有机会穿毕业袍,我们却没有!
每一年逼学生买Rm30的优惠卷,叫学生赞助产品 for 义卖会。
何止这样,从 Rm30, 接着升到 Rm60, 再升到 Rm100.
还有,我们上初一的时候,已经缴了 Rm100的说什么维修教室费。

结果呢? 课室还不是一样两把风扇(每次下课回来之后一定是满头大汗,更不用说上下午课的时候,简直是在冲凉嘛!),破洞的黑板和让学生用旧桌椅。



某某爱哭猫,想哭就哭吧 =)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The five houses Puzzle

If you are free enough like me, try to solve this. I gave up eventually and google for solution. 
It is said that only 2% of the world population manage to solve this. Are you one of them? Tell me if you got them correct =) 
(Tips : use deduction, assumption and logic. )
Happy Solving!
  1. There are five houses.
  2. The Englishman lives in the red house.
  3. The Spaniard owns the dog.
  4. Coffee is drunk in the green house.
  5. The Ukrainian drinks tea.
  6. The green house is immediately to the right of the ivory house.
  7. The Old Gold smoker owns snails.
  8. Kools are smoked in the yellow house.
  9. Milk is drunk in the middle house.
  10. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
  11. The man who smokes Chesterfields lives in the house next to the man with the fox.
  12. Kools are smoked in the house next to the house where the horse is kept. 
  13. The Lucky Strike smoker drinks orange juice.
  14. The Japanese smokes Parliaments.
  15. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.

  16. Now, who drinks water? Who owns the zebra? In the interest of clarity, it must be added that each of the five houses is painted a different color, and their inhabitants are of different national extractions, own different pets, drink different beverages and smoke different brands of American cigarettes. One other thing: in statement 6, right means your right.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 FGT KK Youth Camp

Yo whatsap guys, FGT 1Teen youth camp is back!

When? : 16-19 December 2012 (Sunday-Wednesday)
How much? : RM140 for christian
Totally FREE for non-christian
Where? : Borneo Paradise, Papar
Speaker : Pastor Alvin Tan from Subang Jaya

Activities : Ice-breakers, tons of games, Talent Night, Dance-Dance Revolution (DDR), devotion and more.

Items to bring : Bible (if you have one), notebook, stationery, decent attire (no mini skirts or extremely short shorts), dark-coloured T-shirts (we gonna get dirty and wet!), toiletries, cash (not more than RM 50), and one type of Malaysian Cultural costume (for talent night)

Registration closes on 30/11/2012 (Sunday)

Meet us at FGT church (opposite of Lintas Pizza Hut )
on 16/12/12 before 1.15pm.
You are most welcomed to join our church service at 10.00am.

How to register?
Just inform me and provide your personal details like
Name, address, IC No, Contact No, email, and Special needs (medication/diet). I will meet you somehow and give you the registration form.

Please inform me if you need any transportation.

Any further inquiries please feel free to contact
Miss Anne Chong (Youth Leader): 014-6798010
FGT Office : 088-257977
or me 014-3555136

The number of campers are limited. So what are you waiting for?Hurry up and register before anyone else. I guarantee you won't regret, the only regret you'll have is not joining this wonderful, exciting and exhilarating camp.

Don't miss it! See you at Borneo Paradise together with 1Teen youth!.

Check out this video =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012




刚考完PMR 的弟弟妹妹们,你们现在心情应该是这样的horh?


那时候觉得念理科应该没什么大问题,觉得还ok lah.


从那一刻我才发现,原来,我 不 是 一 个 数 学 头 脑 的 学 生!




Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lock Down

Last Saturday, our FGT youth had our annually Lock Down!

Our youth leader shared something during devotion which is so meaningful that I gotta share it with you guys.

24 "Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the steams rose and the wind blew and beats against the house, yet it did not fall for it has its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the steams rose and the wind blew and beats against the house, and it fell with a great crash."

Matthew 7: 24-27

Ask yourself this question.
Are you building your house on the rock? or on sand?
Frankly but disappointingly my answer is

Some of the youth said sand + rock,  sand + water (more stable wah), rock which will collapse anytime, rock with crack one and many many funny answer. It's a delightful thing that everyone was being honest, but it's kinda devastating to know that only a few said SOLID ROCK.

I've gotta admit that my faith in Christ wavers when things didn't work out well,  long awaited prayers unanswered and bad situations strikes me or my love ones.
The main reason is I don't know well the words of God.
And lacking patience.

Anyway, that means we have space for improvement.

And then we watched this movie entitled "Facing The Giants"
It was so inspiring, touching, enlightening and many many other -ing you can think of, that tears almost well up in my eyes.


It's available in youtube but with no subtitles.
Or download it from with both chinese and english subtitles.

Watching that movie and the devotion somehow rekindle that long extinguished fire inside me.
That fire for Christ, that blaze for God's word, that flame to build a good relationship with God.

Today's sermon mentioned that a person's relationship with God is just like marriage.
You don't manage it well, you don't nurture it everyday, you don't rekindle that passion for your spouse,
You might end up divorced.
(If that's the case, I've been divorcing and marrying God on and off. Just a metaphor)

Just remember that, your strength of your foundation in God will determine your relationship with Him, and your life!

And now, I'll gradually add rock, add cement and add strong steel by reading the words of God and not forgetting to put them in practice.

Is your foundation strong enough?
Well if not, you better start adding rocks now =)

God's protection!

Hey guys, just wanna share with you a truly inspiring testimony from a member of my church.

If you've read the newspaper recently or keep updated with facebook latest news, you'll know the incident of a van crashed into Old Town cafe at Citymall.

Well, this uncle's grandson, was one of the victim who got injured by the accident.
Here goes the story.

So this uncle was bringing his 2 grandchildren. to have their lunch at this cafe.
The uncle ordered a cup of cendol. But he felt strange about this cendol, so he called the waiter to change or something.

When the waiter was heading towards their table, he saw this van came crashing in and instantaneously pulled the uncle's grandson to a safe area. (This uncle and his granddaughter were sitting at a position against the wall. Hence, they were not injured.)

His grandson's arm started to bled and was rushed to the nearby clinic.
He got 7 stitches.

Then this uncle said, if it wasn't the cendol, he wouldn't have called the waiter, and the waiter wouldn't have save the boy. Are these all mere coincidence?

The answer is No. It was protection from God.
The doctor said, the boy might seriously wounded or even worst, die if he was not tugged by the waiter at that particular juncture.

This uncle was so thankful and said that his prayer was answered.
Prayer is part of this uncle's daily routine and one of his prayer request is protection for his family.
And God did it! Isn't God amazing?

Hearing this kind of terrible accident's news reminds me of an incident which transpired about 4 years ago at my very own school.
One afternoon, I was walking alone at the school corridor heading to the staircase to go to 1st floor classroom.
But then when I was about to go up, some intuition told me to wait, maybe later lah.
Then I continue to walk passed the staircase.
But then again, I have hunches telling me that I should go to that classroom now..

And when I reach there, I couldn't believe what had just happened right in front of my eyes!
The glass window from a school's bulletin board suddenly collapse and hit a senior guy who was going down the stairs. He used his palm to support and avoid it but to no avail, the glass just hit his arm and head. Blood immediately gushing out from his palm and stained his whole arm and uniform.

And there I was standing, immensely stunned, staring at this guy with jaw dropped thinking, if it wasn't that hunch, I was supposed to be the one got hit!

One question strikes me again, was that merely coincidence?

You know, sometimes, you gotta believe that God is always by your side and He answers prayers.
Even skeptics like me started to believe it.
What about you?

Saturday, October 13, 2012



华社非常反对教育蓝图里面提出的两点 :



连 Dia 都不会 spell 和念,更别提其他更复杂的字。你说惨不惨?!


至于预备班呢,我个人认为它的存在是 = 不存在的。