Monday, December 5, 2011

I'mma babysitter !

Hey guys, I'm back !
It's kinda busy these few weeks.

1st. SPM !!!
How was it??
Well, the only subject i can aim for A is BM and MM.

2nd. My uncle's wife passed away last week.
So all their family members from west Malaysia came Sabah to attend her funeral.
My mum was busy helping them sort out things.

AND AND AND, my big bro cousin (大哥)brought along his 4 little cute children ranging from 9 months to 9 years old. (3 girls 1 boy)
My favorite was ALYSSA, the 9 months old baby girl.

SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO adorable !!!!
She was not afraid of people. And she ate anything she touched !
They had been staying here for 2 weeks +.
3 days at my house. the rest at my uncle's house.
Guess what. Last week paper Moral and Physics i didn't do revision at all.

Nvm that. We move on. So i have a second bro cousin oso(二哥), he had 2 children. (1 girl, 1 boy)
Total up : 6 children in my house.

They were.....erm I would say CUTE !!! But sometimes could be a bit annoying. Their hand just wouldn't stop. Almost everything that caught their sight must fall into their hands.

They were suppose to call me aunty(姑姑), but since I'm only 17, so they called me Winnee jie jie. But their father insisted them to call me 姑姑, so they ended up calling me Winnee 姑姑.
It's kinda weird to hear people call you 姑姑 at such young age.

They kept asking me to play their favorite song (not exactly, that's the only song they know how to sing). 今天你要嫁给我 and 彩虹。

Then,they asked me to play the guitar, bring them to the beach, played UNO cards.
(and i had to tidy up my house after that.)

I'mma potential baby sitter aye?!

I have always wanted to play with baby. Thank God that he finally sent a cute one for me to play for 2 weeks.

Today, my 大哥 and his family went back home T_T.
Mum and I sent them to the airport.
I miss them sooooooooooooo much !!!

KKIA Terminal 2 KFC

Hope to see them again in the future.

Wait.... I can SKYPE with them !!!!

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