Friday, December 30, 2011

Please tell me what to do..

I've made my mind to change a new environment since i left their group.
And i thought i would never have a chance to contact with them anymore...

But today, u let me see their post once again...
Oh Lord, what is it are you trying to tell me?
All kind of emotions and taught running in my mind right now...

I'm in such a big dilemma, confusion and devastation...

What should I do???

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Romance Comedy

Someone asked me to update my blog...sooo here it goes
I'm into romance comedy lately, all my bad emotions gone after watching it.
These are the top 5 i would recommend.

5. Leap Year

It's about a girl who flies to Ireland to propose to his boyfriend on the 29 of February. It's an Irish tradition that the men would accept any proposal on this superstitious day. But The story had a turn when the girl met and fell in love with a men on the way to Dublin, Ireland to find her boyfriend. I would rate this movie 8/10 coz the couple lack some sparks. Overall it's a great movie.

4. The Ugly Truth
This story tells us the main male character taught the female character to get her desired man. But instead of falling in love with her dreamed perfect man, she fell for her teacher.
9/9 rating. They had the sparks, it's just that i don't really like the main male character, he's abit horny and there's foul words. I don't like movies with too many foul words

3. A Christmas Kiss

I like this movie. It was shown on channel 702. A girl accidentally kissed a man in the lift without knowing that the man was actually her boss' boyfriend. She felt disappointed that this man didn't recognize her when they met in her boss condo. Situation went out of control when her boss was not around and they fell in love with each other. It was really really sweet but it would be better if there's more comedy scene. Hence 9.5/10.

3. Enchanted

I love this fantasy romance movie. Giselle was thrown into the realistic world by her husband-to-be's stepmother. Edward, the prince came all the way long to find Giselle to get their prosponed marriage done but solemnly to find that Giselle had fallen in love with a stranger which had rescued her. 10/10 rating.

1. The Proposal

This is my all times favorite. Watched it for like at least 10 times. It was the best comedy romance i've ever seen. It was funny, had lots of sparks and it's romantic of course. I don't wanna reveal the story line, just watch it for yourself. 10/10 rating.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Sometimes I don't know was it only me being sensitive or it's you...

Sometimes I felt like i'm not as important as your other best friend...or should i say,
I'm not your best friend.

Sometimes when your other best friend was around you, i felt like i was neglected.

Sometimes I felt like I'm only being used by you...

Sometimes I was disappointed to see that I was not included in your profile pic, but only your best friends...

Sometimes I felt a sense of doubt in your voice indicating that you are not honest to me...

Sometimes I felt like you are only an acquaintance to me... are not my best friend after all.....

Its never easy to say goodbye.

Finally its over.
Goodbye SPM,
Goodbye secondary school life,
Goodbye friends,

Last paper was Chinese.
It was damn hard for paper 2.
the comprehension and 文言文 were both unfathomable and hard.
名句精华 didn't know how to do.

So right after that, we headed to Donald's house to partaaaaayyyy.
Snap tons of pictures. Had pizzas for lunch. I don't really like the 7 cheese pizza. It's just too cheesy.

It was Annette's birthday. So we celebrated together.
What a coincidence !

Later, we headed to CP to watch You are the Apple of My Eye.
Though i watched it for the second time, but it was still funny and interesting.
Some of them donno what is "Play Hand Gun".
Do you know???

And before we went home...we capture a photo under a christmas tree for reminiscence.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'mma babysitter !

Hey guys, I'm back !
It's kinda busy these few weeks.

1st. SPM !!!
How was it??
Well, the only subject i can aim for A is BM and MM.

2nd. My uncle's wife passed away last week.
So all their family members from west Malaysia came Sabah to attend her funeral.
My mum was busy helping them sort out things.

AND AND AND, my big bro cousin (大哥)brought along his 4 little cute children ranging from 9 months to 9 years old. (3 girls 1 boy)
My favorite was ALYSSA, the 9 months old baby girl.

SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO adorable !!!!
She was not afraid of people. And she ate anything she touched !
They had been staying here for 2 weeks +.
3 days at my house. the rest at my uncle's house.
Guess what. Last week paper Moral and Physics i didn't do revision at all.

Nvm that. We move on. So i have a second bro cousin oso(二哥), he had 2 children. (1 girl, 1 boy)
Total up : 6 children in my house.

They were.....erm I would say CUTE !!! But sometimes could be a bit annoying. Their hand just wouldn't stop. Almost everything that caught their sight must fall into their hands.

They were suppose to call me aunty(姑姑), but since I'm only 17, so they called me Winnee jie jie. But their father insisted them to call me 姑姑, so they ended up calling me Winnee 姑姑.
It's kinda weird to hear people call you 姑姑 at such young age.

They kept asking me to play their favorite song (not exactly, that's the only song they know how to sing). 今天你要嫁给我 and 彩虹。

Then,they asked me to play the guitar, bring them to the beach, played UNO cards.
(and i had to tidy up my house after that.)

I'mma potential baby sitter aye?!

I have always wanted to play with baby. Thank God that he finally sent a cute one for me to play for 2 weeks.

Today, my 大哥 and his family went back home T_T.
Mum and I sent them to the airport.
I miss them sooooooooooooo much !!!

KKIA Terminal 2 KFC

Hope to see them again in the future.

Wait.... I can SKYPE with them !!!!