Monday, October 3, 2011

17/9 Parents Anniversary + Prefect Night

17.9.2011 was my parents most memorable day. It's their 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Early in the morning, we all got dressed up elegantly and smartly.
Went to Persona Studio at Putatan to take our family photos.
We decided to take the RM400 package.

20 years ago.

20 years later.

Another big event was waiting for me.
It's our Annualy Lok Yuk Prefect Night.

Venue : Berverly Hotel
Theme: Red Carpet
Time : 6.30pm-11.00pm (Saturday)

7.oopm, the form 5s were asked to wait outside the ballroom,
frankly speaking, the ballroom's shape design was not good.
Some of them can't even see the stage.

Luckily our table is right in the middle.

Then, We have to choose partner to take pic at the entrance for remembrance before we enter the hall.
I choose Jacky, and guess what, a "friend of mine" grab him instantly when she saw him.
I told her i saw Jacky first.
She didn't care of course.
So i choose another guy, Asif.
This photo was developed on that day by the Shutter Spy.

After all the form 5s had taken picture by our Lok Yuk photography team a.k.a Shutter Spy,
Hands holding our partner, we walked down the red carpet into the hall with tons of flashes from all the DSLRs aiming at us like a movie star.

7.30pm the event started. They had some minor technical problem with the presentation.
As usual, the event started off with speeches by Pengetua and Head Prefect then opening ceremony.

There were some performance by the junior prefects during dinner.
Bryan Chai our game host, managed to heat up the entire ballroom by playing Limbo with us.
Guess what, all the girls were taking off their high heels !

The event rolled on with Catwalk session for the Prom King and Prom Queen and Best Dress.
Incredibly, i was chosen as one of the fabulous candidate for the title.
My partner was a form 2 prefect, and he's shorter than me.
So we switch number with another pair, and i got paired up with Khor.
He's the one who taught me to do all the posing.
We were the first pair, a huge round of applause welcomed us as we cat-walked towards the stage. Then continued by the rest.
All i could see from the stage was tons of flashes.

Guess who's the Prom King and Prom Queen of the night?
Andrew Chew and Angel Ting won the title !
Male Best Dress goes to Khor and female goes to a form 2 Malay girl.

Then continued with rounds and rounds of lucky draws which was kinda boring.
I'm not lucky enough to get any of it.

11pm Home Sweet Home.

Personally, I think that this year's Prefect Night was not so Awesome as previous years.
First, They had problems with LCD presentation which made us waited for like 15 minutes?
Secondly, they choose the wrong date, half of the prefects didn't go due to exam.
Thirdly, they didn't prepare the song that the Form 5s supposed to sing like previous years did.
Fourthly, we didn't get to dance freely and karaoke.