Monday, September 5, 2011

The Smurfs

Since everyone is smurfing here and there all over facebook, mom took us to the cinema and watch The Smurfs.

I have never watch it's cartoon version before, and i never expect it would be so cute and funny.

And this nasty looking guy is the villain in the story.
I like the part when he walked over the smoke. It's so mysterious and magical. haha
There are things which only happen once in a blue moon.
Treasure that moment.
That's the message that I got from the movie.
Btw the cat look so real in the movie. We all know that's an animated 3D cat coz a real cat couldn't possibly laugh or do exaggerated moves like chasing the Smurfs. haha
That's what we call Movie Science.

Worth watching. It's more suitable for those who want to relax themselves or to spend some precious time with their love ones.

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