Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another movie day.

Another movie day for the youth of my church.
It's just that many people put aeroplane.
I wanted to watch The Smurfs, but some of them watched it already.
So we watched this.

It's called Summer Love.
Quite funny.
It's about 3 guys from different background's adventure in finding and dating their dreamed girls.
They were on a holiday trip to an island.
But it turned out to be a disaster.
After all their efforts and some wacky adventures, they finally got their dream girls.

The girls were wearing bikini almost throughout the movie.
And their boobs are incredibly big.
I doubted if they were plastic surgeried.
Anyway, worth watching.

I used google translater to translate 失恋, guess what, it came out "romance".

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