Monday, August 15, 2011

Pizza special delivery.

2day is add mm exam, since i've dropped it, so i didn't go to school.
So my brother delivered my freshly baked pizza to my frens in my class.
They, were fiendishly astonished and ecstatic to see the scrumptios finger-lickin mouth- watering hot tuna+meat pizza.

They were happy,
So I am happy.
Thus My mum is happy.
Hence, I'm happy.
Everyone happy.

A big big thanks to my mummy for waking up early in the morning to bake the pizza.
(The ingredients and the dough were prepared by mum and I last night.)

I'm small chef now...hehe...
Come to my house ya, we bake all sorts or deserts, pizzas, pies and more.
Can't wait for the holiday to come.

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