Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excited !

Yesterday, i've made my frens pizza.
2day, I've brought them muffins.

Their comment delighted me very much.
and when they said want to come to my house,
I practically jump !

Since then, i was thinking of all sorts of activities we can do during their stay in my house.
Can't really concentrate on my bio papers.
So, i was thinking we can bake pizza or cupcakes together,
then we play water at the beach near my house,
we'll play truth or dare,
we'll play the piano and sing lots and lots of songs,
we'll have a heart to heart talk before we sleep,
we'll watch a movie in a dark room,
we might as well play my version of hide and seek.

Oh, oh, oh thinking of all the fun that we gonna fave made me can't wait for holidays to come.
Holidays, fast fast come.
Am looking enthusiastically forward for u guys to come.

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