Monday, August 1, 2011

Moments with them...

A total of 6 people headed to center point for movie right after our last paper MM on saturday.
Me, Donald, Stephen, Yee fei, Clarice and Ilyas.

We watched this :

Had a quick lunch, then straight to cinema.
It was jaw-dropping.
I found out some facts :
Harry Potter's son is much more good-looking than his dad.
Ginni is taller than Harry.
Voldermort's voice is weird, sounds like he suffered from some chronic cough disease.

The movie went well until a few bitches behind us kept laughing and talking LOUDLY.
My mood was spoiled by their brainless conversation.
What i mean by their brainless conversation is :

Bitch 1 : Apa yang diorang cakap tu ? (refering to Harry and Dumbledore)
Bitch 2 : Diorang cakap bahasa Maths?

and many more...

Other audience had been Shhhhh-ing them...yet it was all in vain.
I can't stand it anymore.
ME : SHUT UP ! (I wanted to add "Bitches" desperately.)
Bitches 3 : Eh, tidak sporting langsung.

Felt like wanna punch them straight on their face.
The whole cinema were filled with their laughter and chit chat. Urgh.
I heard stephen also scold them DIAM and other audience too.
Shameless bitches.

2 bitches went out to pee, then quite down a bit.
Don't let me see them again. Or else, u'll see a slap mark on their face.

OK, i'll stop here about those Malay bitches, let's move on.

After movie,
Stephen and Ilyas went to cyber.
The rest visited Popular.
5 pm, they followed my car to my house. Donald went home with his mom.

We went to the beach. Took loads of crazy pictures.
Saw a couple with wedding attire taking shots with the sunset as background.
How sweet !
Played piano, sing songs, played a more exhilarating type of UNO game. See my cute photos and
Had Tons of laughter.

9.30pm home sweet home =)

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