Monday, July 25, 2011


It's physic and BI exam 2morrow, it's 10.30pm now and i'm still sitting infront of the computer typing nonsence.

Just revised chapter 2, out of 50 questions, more than half donno how to do.
It makes me feel so down and stupid.
It's really frustrating that you don't have a tiny bit of idea how to solve a question.
I gave up.

1st day of exam I screwed up my chinese. Didn't manage to finish my essay.
This is my fren's essay ending.
I'm fiendishly impressed.

The title is : 给我一次机会.

Attended a talk regarding techniques answering chinese SPM question.
A male speaker from Selangor was specially invited to deliver the talk at KK High.
We laughed throughout the talk coz he was damn funny.

A chinese teacher taught me to write narrative essay. So i wrote.
But another chinese teacher said that i can't write a good one and asked me to change back to factual essay.
I'm in a dilemma right now.

A friend of mine went to Japan for a speech competition.
Another friend went to KL just to see her favourite football player.
Other friends stay at home. Doing revision.
Me? play childish stupid games and sleep.

My physics is hopeless.
Sometimes i wonder who would care if i use how much energy to lift a book?

Friday, July 8, 2011

time flies..

It has been decades since i've updated my blog...

Had a sudden urge to upate after seeing my dear frens blog...
ok lets see...where to start...

I've been wasting my time whining, sleeping, doing nothing meaningful these few months...
Always throw a tantrum and emotional due to excessive female hormones.
Done a lot of things beyond your imagination. (you don wanna know)

Thanks to people around me who always pray for me and give me support and words of encouragement.
My list of appreciation :

1) Mum, i know it's been a tough few months for her.
2) Frens at skul especially Yee fei, Clarice, Chui shiang, Ilyas
3) Church members especially Pastor Devlin, Anne, Aunty Vivian.

These are the people who sacrifice time and energy to cheer me up.
Once again, Thx.

It's July now, i'm still a languid worm. unprepared. everything not ready.
I wish my Form 3 me will come back.
Form 3 me did revision almost everyday.
Form 3 me did not waste a single second.
Form 3 me always got the top 3 in whole form.
Form 3 me did not get emotional.
Form 3 me aimed for the best.

Lord, please restore the original me.

Recently, jealousy and rage always filled the inside me.
I got annoyed easily.
Every night, i was thinking of ways to kill them.

Recently, there's a guy in my class,
he just can't stop babbling, singing out of tune songs, talking nuisance, producing sound pollution.
If there's a knife in front of me, i could have stab him at the abdomen. Perpendicularly.
I hate him.

That's me.