Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rock Climbing

Last saturday, few youths went to rock climbing at i -donno-what-is-the--name-of-the- place.
It is situated beside the parking lot beside likas badminton court.

the fees is RM 18 per person, u can climb for the whole day if you want.
If u go again, RM 13 per person.
And remember to wear thick socks coz the shoes is very tight that it can hurt your entire feet.
Open time : Tuesday- Friday 4pm - night (sorry i 4got)
Saturday and Sunday 10 am-evening

It was not as easy as i thought.
the person in charge there will teach you how to put on the climbing harness.
all you have to do is climb.

one more thing, make sure u warm up first, and wat i mean by warm up is to do all the stretching excercise, NOT by climbing as told by the person there, or else u'll end up having muscle pain like me. Seriously painful...

One word to describe rock climbing?

As I climb higher, adrenaline started to race all over my body, my heart pumping rapidly, sweat starting to roll down from my forehead and palms, the carbon powder given was no use to me.
there's a part where there's no more thing to hold on the artificial rock climbing route, and i was screaming like hell, i was looking down at my frens, they all gave me moral support to finish the route.....and in the end, i reached the summit.....(i wonder how long i took?)

then it was the going down part....the person there asked us to lean back, don't touch anything and walk down.....this was the scariest part....though we knew that there's harness to support us, by psychology told me that if you release your hand, u gonna fall down...
well, of course i didn't release my hand....

and then finally my feet touched the ground, gosh i was sweltering, my palms were all wet...oh good gracious..

Did i mention that the route i climbed is the 2nd level one?
The instructor suppose to let us climb the children route first...

and so did all my frens.....but they didn't scream like me lah...hehe

the instructor even challenged us to climb only according to the holder with specific colour ribbon, those who can climb up to the summit will be rewarded a tin of cola...
the result? of course no one can make it lah....lion open big mouth.

next on our youth activity list, paint balling or island hopping....yeappy....

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