Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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OK, i want to add something related to my previous pos, which is my first time...

First time
-goreng ikan (on my own)
-DRIVE a real CAR (oh yeah)
-watch a movie with a teacher.
-watch 3D movie
-join chinese debate


VBS Vocational Bible School

IT was an awesome programme for those kids who are bored to death at home and also for youth.

It was a programme organized by our church FGT Full Gospel Tabernacle to reach out for the unsave young souls out there.

So before the day, the youths went to the church to help out, we decorated the hall, prepare the handy crafts, and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff...practise our worship songs and drama.

Oh did i mention the drama turned out to be AWESOME !!!
I mean when we were practising, our hollywood actors and actresses didn't show their hidden talent durng practise which made this director-to-be crossed and worried.

Oh i was so proud of you guys....gosh i've been writing this script since like after final exam....gosh....but i love writing script and directing drama...hmm...maybe i can consider about my career to be a director??

We went to Gardenier factory and watch how mineral water is made...then we had some games, handy craft, bible story time and finally our drama.

It was a great day indeed spent with the children and the helpers.

Oh Oh Oh, one more thing, Children may look cute, but sometimes they can be very annoying, sekejap jie jie that, sekejap jie jie this.....oh....dear....the youths were already exhausted by the time we all went home...

Thank God, all the activities went smoothly....

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