Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hornbill AJK photo shooting at Tanjung Aru beach

The weather was not promising as it the sky emptied itself NOT at the right time...

We all agreed to arrive there at 4pm, guess what, some of them reached there at 5pm !!! Believe it or not, 1 HOUR LATE !!! Plus 1 one them didn't wear JEANS !!!
Seriously i was a bit frustrated, due to the Cloudy sky, we've quicken the photography session...these are the photos...

but 1 person who always don smile annoyed me alot...why can't u just show ur white teeth??

EMO !!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One month later..

Whoa, it's been a month since i've updated my long abandoned Blog...=)

My Life Report in the month of June-July:

-HAri Gemilang...
Got a total of RM 180 incentive...which include
PMR Cemerlang,
Pelajar Terbaik Tingkatan (I can't believe i got 3rd in whole form 3 last year !!! I wonder how
they calculted the result)
Pelajar terbaik Subjek Geografi (Waliao, i never thought i'm good at geographical stuff)

-Photo editing (haven't finish until now!)
Thank God that Pn. Chu was being very considerate, she knew that i have chinese
debate and didn't let me do tht much work !

-Chinese Debate
Seriously, never in my life i expected to be selected as a CHINESE Debater !!!
(I'm only the reserve, but next year gonna be my turn to battle)

Our title is : Should employment between Men and Women be Equal?

We are the gorvernment, in other words we agreed that men and women should be employed equally .
Intensive training and practices have been scheduled...
17th July at Kian Kok...wish us luck !!!

-Law Olympiad
Each school sent a maximum number of 2 teams...
Team B : Me, Stephanie, Syereena, Jacynta, and Melody
Team A : Kimberly, Isaac, Soo Yong Kin, Venessa and Vivian.
Both the team are first timer.
So we lose...
The general knowledge part was intensely difficult!!!
+ we only have very limited time to solve the given case...
Nvm, at least we gained experrience larh...see us in 2011 Law Olympiad.

-Chinese singing competition
I'm the 1st ONE !!! Oh No, and that time i was doing chemistry experiment !!!
I think i did well after the few nights of practise as the saying says Practise Makes Perfect !!!

Btw, currently obsessed in doing experiment !! Heehee...i guess i like practical more than theory !!!

MPP (Majlis Perpisahan Pengawas )
-I'm in charge of the persembahan and permainan...
preparing the dance for them...believe me, it will be a blast and stunning one...just wait and see...

Report Done !!!