Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Can u recognize who is she???

Or maybe this??

Oh , now u figure it out...

It's the CJ7 main Character, Xu jiao. How time flies...in just an twinkling of an eye..
A boyish-childlish looked with grime on her face 9 year old girl
has now turn into a teenage girl...

My one week hols just swift like a wind without realising it...
Wat i have been doing??

1) Attend chinese debate meeting
2) Practise father's day celebration songs at church
3) eat, sleep, online, pee, tv...

And now Homework Marathon !!!
I'm the last minute person...


B4 the hols, i've attended our Biannualy FGT Church Camp and was Baptized...oh yeah
It was amazingly awesome
Venue : Beringgis Resort...

Check out the pics in my Fb...
Just click my Fb badge at the bottom of this page...^^


Ever heard of Tumblr??
Yeap, created an account but donno how to use it...
So i'm still stick to Blogger (yeah, Blogger's loyal user !!!)
I think i'm gonna abandon it...=)