Sunday, December 27, 2009

Everything about holidays....

Sorry guys for not updating my blog, actually i had some signing in problem...: (

I got lotsa things to tell lets start with my youth camp...


We had our youth camp at Mimpian Jadi Tuaran, 38 people joined, the camp was supremely fun and intriguing, Pastor Lin Perry and his wife Pastor Suzanne were specially invited to give a talk about " There is so much more than sexy ", interesting huh???

I like the Amazing Race game, we were all covered with sand, mud and flour, grossy, dirty and stinky !!! Oh i also directed our group's drama for the variety show, we won 3rd place, masih boleh tahan bah...(the photos in fb)

The dormitory there was quite exquisite, nice beach scenery but with a lot of cow dungs, looking forward for the next year camp !!!

21-22/12/2009 It's caroling !!!

This year is my 1st time joining caroling, i never thought caroling was actually so much fun, visited 8 houses (we get packet drinks from most houses), excluding my house coz my mum was serving them fruit "tang yuan".....nice :)

Caroling in my house


24/12/2009 Christmas eve /most important day in my 2009 year life...

PMR result is coming out !!! We were waiting anxiously in the hall, but b4 the result was announced, Encik Idrus already bocor, Melody and I got straight As. happiness was written all over my mum's face as soon as she received the news...(she even boast that she's confident that i can achieve all As)...XD. Surprisingly MY BROTHER got 2As (BI & KH) and din fail in his MM and SCI, i was really astonished...this indicated that PMR level is very low !!!

Then at night went out to celebrate with my family at a restaurant in Asia city...

Total RM100


25/12/2009 The day baby Jesus was born...

This morning when we scanned the newspaper, something caught our attention, me and my mum's picture (which was taken by the reporter yesterday) was actually in SEE HUA Newspaper...oh gosh !!!

Our church service sarted at 9am, our youth presented a short funny drama about the born of Jesus christ, damn hilarious 1, the video i'll upload it in fb.

That's all for now.....see ya XD more photos in my Facebook...

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