Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Prefect Night

08.08.2009 Saturday

Majlis Perpisahan Pengawas (MPP) 2009
at Sutera Harbour Grand Ballroom was a blast ! Everybody put on their best OUTFIT with their hairs done and make ups, everybody look extraordinaryly gorgeous !

I was wearing contact lense, so I can't really see clearly. Out of the blue, a beautiful girl wearing white dress stood in front of me. who the heck was that??? As I look closer, OH MY GOSH, I was dumbfounded, it was MELODY, our class cuttest girl . I nearly can't recognize her at all.
That's our feeling as we had our first glance at each other, it was awesome !!! Because everyday we were seeing each other in the same dull boring school uniform....

Joanna, Me and Karine

Ketua Pengawas Sidang Petang 2008 & 2009
Here are something different . LOOK!!!!

The delicacies were nice, thumbs up !!
My favorite was the deep fried yam with prawns...yummy !!!
Pawara & I decided to sing Michael Jackson's Heal The World. I guess we have done quite well lah....BUT (there's always a BUT), the second song " Qian Li Zhi Wai " dueting with Aw Hui Yen was an total embarassment !!! we picked the wrong song....the key was too high so we lowered 1 octave !!! still we sang out hearts out...

I missed the part when Kimberly and Walter ballroom dancing and all the AJKs performing....coz we were busy taking SS pics in the toilet...

Nvm, luckily I still catch up with the Kadazan Sumazau was AWESOME !!! everybody dance with their soul.....I will never ever forget it...

Took dozens of pictures with the form 5s, as this is their last year of service for the school, gonna miss them so much !!!

Ketua IFF Blok

Ketua Pengawas Sidang Pagi 2009

The AJK have done a great job in preparing this BIGGEST highlight of the year including finding sponsors, collecting money, get everything organized. Well done guys !!! Somehow, I guess I started to feel worry as next year will be our turn !!! I'm scared that we can't do as good as you guys. Your efforts clearly have paid off tonight. No doubt about it...

Looking forward to 2010 Prefect Night... see ya all then...

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