Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SPM vs University

It's getting towards the end of the first quarter of the year now, and the SPM/STPM students just got their results last week. For those who scored flying colour grades, congratulation; for those who did not did so well, do not fret, I'm about to share something valuable. So take heed.

SPM is not the end of your study life, it's the beginning. It's just like the word commencement, it means graduation ceremony but at the same time, it also meant the beginning.

In the chinese culture, we are always afraid of getting left behind, "kiasu" is the appropriate word to describe these people. They wanted to get a good head start in front of everyone else, since young, children were sent to various tuition in order to excel and stand out among the others.

You can't apply this in your after SPM life. Some students were so eager to continue their study that they go for the December or January intake right after SPM.   In the western country, students take a gap year where they can work or take part in any voluntary before they go for further studies. They make good use of this year to really think of what they really wanted to do.

Now back to the main topic, why is that not getting good grades is not necessarily a bad thing?

I'm a university student, and I've seen many cases of Straight As students flunk all their subject, I've seen 10% of science student change course to Art stream, I've also seen student with only 1 A in ther SPM, but now taking master in Physics.

Why did these scenarios transpired?

They are a few factors.

1. The standard of SPM is really low compared to university's. In uni, A+ really means 90 above. When I was in secondary, I always get C in my chemistry, but I got an A in SPM. 

2. In uni, you don't have a full guidance on how to do our homework/assignments. I still remember our Pendidikan Moral, we were taught to follow many rules in writing a good essay. That's why, when some students don't have guidance, they can't perform well, thanks to our Spoon Feeding education system.

3. The subjects also played important role in the grades. In secondary school, different type of students were force to take different type of subjects, this is why some of them can't score well. Like myself, I hated Add maths, I did badly, but in uni, I love sociology and I did very excellently.

4. The student himself/herself is another factor. Some students, when they enter uni life, they were affected by the environment. It depends on themselves on how they want to manage their time, financial, and student life.

I'm not saying that getting good grades in SPM is a bad thing, in fact it's the crucial key to enter your desired uni and get scholarships. It's a good thing. Just bear in mind that, you need to score consistently in every exam, or else your scholarship will be withdrawn.

To those who haven't thought of what you wanted to do, take your time, think about it, don't let your decision made by your relatives, your parents or even the society's pressure. Don't do engineering because your friends are doing it. I've read an article recently, engineering graduates applying for gym trainer jobs, not 1, but a lot. This is such a sad case. Hence, while thinking of what you really want, you may also want to consider the current job trend in order to avoid cases that I mentioned.

I hope this will help some of the still confused SPM leavers out there.
Au revoir!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Computer Drawing Competition

So I practically abandoned my blog for a whopping month, well apart from there's nothing to be written, I'm too lazy to write anything.

Well now here comes my inspiration and the mood to write.

As I was flipping through my primary school magazine, a nostalgic feeling just overwhelmed me so much as if I was travelling through time tunnel. I was looking at my drawings, my achievements, and then all those years just flashback in my mind.

During my school time, I join a lot of competition, especially computer drawing competition, it was a competition that you use a computer software to draw something. Well, I used Kidpix and Neo Paint. Most probably you've never heard about it because these soft wares are mostly used by chinese primary school students.

Kidpix Old Version

Kid Pix New Version 

Neopaint Old Version

Neopaint New Version
Believe me, I have used all the versions to join competition.

Here is the instruction of how the competition is carried out.

1. Around 2 months before the competition day, participants were to choose 1 topic from 3 given topics.
2. They start to create their drawings within that 2 months, or course with the help of teachers and parents.
3. Students will start practicing their drawings, and they must complete it within 30 minutes.
4. On the competition day, they'll draw what they had been practicing within 30 minutes.

After scanning all my drawings, I realized that my primary 3 and 4 drawings were not really good.
Primary 5 and 6's were better. Other than the fact that my skills are not that good initially, I think the main reason is because, primary 3 and 4 drawings were created by my teacher. Most of the elements in the drawings are their idea. My creativity wasn't unleashed completely.

So, my main point here is, parents and teachers gotta learn to let their children to explore their every possible creativity in creating a good drawing. Seriously, that was why my drawings were so different in quality and creativity when compared.

The experience was intense and yet fun and interesting. During weekends or holidays, instead of staying at home watching tv like other children, we will go to school and find ideas to compose our piece of art.Sometimes, we even got scolded by teacher for not being serious. Well you know, typical children get naughty sometimes. Sometimes, the teacher will buy something for us as well to reward our hard work. Hehe. Good memories though.

Primary 6 National Level Champion

Primary 6 State Level Outstanding Award

Primary 5 National Level 3rd Place

Primary 5 State Level  Outstanding Award 

Primary 4 National Level Consolation Prize

Primary 3 National Level Consolation Prize

Primary 6 State Level Teachers Day Drawing Competition Consolation Prize

I've been to many states since young to join the national competition. Places like Melaka, KL, Seremban, Kuching and Genting were places our competition was held. It was really fun going with a bunch of friends from different schools, we did everything together. 

However, there's nothing more intense than the pinnacle of the process of this competition, the award presentation time. Not only the students, but the teachers, parents and all those chairman of the board will be very anxious as well. Thank God, despite some of the lousy drawings, I won at least something every competition that I join. 

What a night full of unforgettable reminiscence!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pastor's Farewell

Last Sunday 12/1/14 was our dearest Pastor Devlin's last service in FGT KK.
The youth had prepared a wonderful show for her.

Let me narrate from the start.

Our Pastor Devlin had been serving in FGT KK for 10 years!!!
It's quite unbelievable that time can fly so fast, and now she's going back to KL to be with her family, and also to answer God's calling to do greater mission in Cambodia.
Hence, we have a new pastor coming from our mother church to lead us, Pastor Irene.

I have to say that it is not easy for a woman to leave behind everything and go to a whole new strange place to establish a church. I know that feeling.

She came here with nothing, but language barrier, she couldn't speak well mandarin, but of course with the God's mighty hand, she managed to build a church, now consisting 80 member including the children church and BM service. Though the number is not that many, however, it is still considered a great achievement.

We prepared the show for 2 weeks, I'm gonna say it's not easy, with most of the youth working and studying, it's kinda hard to find time out to practice the drama. some not very cooperative some more, but, thank God, in the end, we manage to put on a great show for pastor which made everyone laugh and tear up at the same time. 

Brian as Pastor

The cast

And now, I pray that God, with the new pastor in town, she'll learn to adapt to the surrounding and people here. Hope that we will continue to unite together as a church and extend God's kingdom.

Click here to watch final words from the youth.
Click here to watch the growth of our FGT KK for 10 years.

Enjoy =)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FGT KK Youth Camp 2013

Once again, it's our FGT KK youth's pinnacle event of the year - Youth Camp of course~!
This year, we had it at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre, it's a nice place surrounded by mighty mountains, great scenery, cool weather, but not quite chilly as we expected.

Theme: Man Of Still
Date : 15-18/12/2013
Place: Bundu Tuhan
Speaker : Timothy Wong

But way before that, we had this fund raising event at Gaya Street, we call it "The Promised Stall".
We sold foods and drinks for 4 days to raise funds for the camp. And thank God, we succeeded to raise almost RM 1K. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!

We sell Curry fish balls, herbal eggs, herbal tea and ice creams.
Best sellers depends on weather everyday. 
Only those who attended to help sell and God know how we yell and did our best for the whole night to attract customers. Thanks to those who came and support us.

We might continue next year, so do come and support us that time yeah. =)

Continue with the camp...
It's our privilege to have Brother Timothy Wong from mother church to be the speaker, the main topic is mostly the same, which is to stay hunger for God, last year was maintaining the blazing flame. Joining youth camp is definitely a great way to boost the hunger/flame inside you for God for the rest of the year.

While praying for the campers.

Makan Time
All the food were cooked by my mum and pastor.

This year game is a bit rougher, or the youths are getting more rougher?
Some were injured, but still thank God it was minor.
But all in all, we all enjoyed it very much.

I like the running man part =)
I was telling people that 
I must be the Ji Suk Jin (the 1st one who always get caught in Runningman).
But I'm not!!! 
Weeeee....and I found 1 clue!!! There was a spy among us!

Below are some of the awesome actor and actresses putting their best costumes and acting skills to win the Variety Show. 

I was acting as a mother with Alzheimer.

My group "Strong" won 2nd place for both games and Variety show.

We also had a small farewell cake for our Pastor Devlin as she's leaving after serving at FGT KK for 10 years.

Some of the youth got teared as they were kinda reluctant to let Pastor go.
She helped me a lot in going through trials and turmoils.
When I'm sick, she visited  and pray for me as well. 
When I'm in PJ, she will occasionally sms me, asking me my condition. 
And when she's there, she'll bring me out go yamcha, have scrumptious meals with me.

Most importantly, she encouraged me alot when I'm in bad times.
She's a great pastor, and also a great second mother to me.
Now that she's leaving to do greater missions out there, we're all certainly gonna miss her.
May God bless her abundantly wherever she is, in whatever ministry she is serving. 

My roommates and I won the Room Cleanliness Award. (Excluding Chloe)

Bye Bye Men and Women of Still. 

Keep that Hunger for God till next year we meet again =) 

2013 Wrap up

In less than 24 hours, we gonna step into the year of 2014.
Another year gone......
Every year, when it comes to the end, it'll made us realize that time is ticking really fast.
And the fact that my classmate just celebrated my 20th birthday,
time seems to be passing at incredibly high speed...


Let's reflect and summarize what I've been doing throughout the whole year.

The first 3 months I practically did nothing.
April is the preparation month for my tertiary studies.
May, with great anticipation, I stepped out of my comfort zone, brave myself to face the outside world alone.
After 6 months, realized that home suits me best, hence, I came back.
2 months spent with great bunch of friends selling things at Gaya Street, joining youth camp and gathering together. It's good to see them.

I wouldn't say I've wasted another year, it's quite fulfilling in a sense that I've gain multi layered experience. All in all, I would consider it as a faith-growing year.

Gonna head start my new year with my birthday bash, then continue my studies here in my beloved Sabah.

God bless all of us and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A warm gathering

Finally had the mood to write something, plus I couldn't sleep at this wee hour.
So yeah, I'm gonna post about our heart warming old classmate gathering.

After 1 whole year didn't meet up with these peeps, we eventually get to gather at Upperstar Suria.

It was a truly awesome feeling to be able to see these long unseen familiar faces, when you first met them at the restaurant, you observe their faces, their clothes, their expressions, whether they have grown mature physically, and you have so many things to ask them in your mind, it's just so exhilarating!

Well, after having a short conversation with them, some of them were clearly still mentally immature, especially the guys. Wakakaka =)

And then, while we were chit-chatting ecstatically, birthday song was played from the speaker, and I followed the crowd clapping and singing joyfully the birthday song. Until I realize that the waiter with the cake was heading to our table, then I thought, 

Oh, this must be for the birthday boys who just had their birthday 2 days ago. And then, to my huge surprise, I was one of the birthday girl too!

I was touched by them, oh how thoughtful of them to remember and celebrate it early my birthday. It's been 4 years since I had a surprise birthday. Thanks guys =) 

That's why I felt weird looking at the icing on top of the cake,  it has no names on it but only "19th and 20th". Gosh, I felt so old looking at the numbers.

I'm gonna biologically turn 20 in a few days, but Stephen and Lee just turned 19!
See that I emphasize "biologically", coz I'm still mentally in my teens.

Those who attend: Akmal, Lee Kee Wei, Caroline, Belinda, Me, Annette, Jessica, Kwan, Oh Hui Sen, Stephen Wong, Herbert, Clarice and Yee Fei.
It's really good to see all of them =)

The surprised birthday boys and me with my freshly new hair cut. =)

Thanks to the organizer, Oh and everyone who attended for making this happened.

*Dancing, swirling and prancing all around in my room like a little girl*

See, I told ya, I'm still mentally very young.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Pissed off

I'm so angry to know an incident happened to my brother today that I have to rant about it here.

So my brother and his classmate went to Tg Aru beach to do their civic project early in the morning, they have to pick rubbish. When he got back home at noon, he told us that he and another guy friend got scolded by a family because they drove their car into the beach which was not allowed and it was dangerous, and they didn't know that they couldn't go inside. So after being scolded, they apologized to the family. The family took their photos and got their names.

I had a premonition that something will happen. 
We all thought that after the apology there should be no problem. 
However, today, my bro and his friend became famous in the school thanks to one of the family member, she posted the photos on facebook, never mind that, twisted the story, called them bastards some more and spread it on facebook. All the others just merely share the exaggerated story and calling them with other nasty names. I was so on fire seeing those comments and shares.

Yes, they were wrong, and they deserve the lesson. But not this way. This had just gone way too far for us. This is an act of a bully, a gangster, a family who doesn't know what is an apology. 
And what agitated us more was, the teacher did nothing but observed from afar when they were scolded. And then, today, their counselor told them to post an apology status on their fb. They already apologize right in front of them, furthermore, they are the ones should apologize now for twisting the story.

Let me tell you how the story was twisted.

1st, their car was not inches away, but meters away from their children, and I'm pretty sure my bro will see and avoid  if there's any human being in front of them.

2nd, the person claimed that my bro them drove faster the 2nd time when they were going out of the beach, yes they drove faster, and you know why? Because they were throwing long woods towards their car. Hello! Use some common sense, who wouldn't run if you're throwing something?

3rd, The father of the family actually grabbed my bro friend's t-shirt, my bro's friend had a small figure, this showed that the father is a bully and wanted to start a fight, but then was stopped by the wife. Unfortunately no one took this scene's photo.

This picture was taken by them. Clear evidence that they were throwing woods.

They were the ones who wanted to make a big fuss out of this. In another picture, (not here), my bro was bowing down his head, indicating that he was regretful and feeling remorse for his action. Yes, youngster do make mistakes, in fact he just turned 19 a few days ago, but publicly humiliating and intimidating them are not right, and also exaggerating the story. 

May God forgive these souls who doesn't know the meaning of forgiving.
I forgive you.