Sunday, July 26, 2015

A real pearl

After talking about it for a month, finally last Tuesday Teh came to visit me.

I taught her to make dumplings. And she said that's the biggest dumpling that she had ever eaten in her whole entire life. Well let's just say my family like things a little bigger =)
It's is her first time making dumplings too.

After savoring our delicious handmade dumplings, Teh taught me how to make bracelet!
With her skilled little hands and experience, her bracelet was finished within half an hour.
I took 30 minute more than her as this is my first time. Guess what, these are REAL pearls!
Thanks Teh. I never would have guess you would bring real ones for me.
Ain't this a beauty!

Moving on, we sang songs of praises and worship. I played the piano, she played her ukulele.
It's my first time seeing it this up close and holding it. No pictures, sorry. Teh is not the taking picture type. We sang and sang and sang, Mr. Time is very cruel. Before we knew it, it was time for Teh to leave. She brought home some of the dumplings. My mother gave her some coconuts and durians from kampung. I actually shed a tear while watching her leaving. It was the shortest 6 hours in my life.
My belated birthday present. 

It has been so long until I forgot what it is like to be happy. Happiness is as simple as having a good friend, enjoying each other's company.

Real pearl is hard to find.
All it need is a single grain of sand to make it happen.
So does friendship.

Thanks Teh for coming over. I really enjoy having you here. I hope when you have free time, we'll have the chance to meet again.

Sunday, July 12, 2015








Saturday, July 11, 2015


我人生中最讨厌的 10 项人事物。

1. 背叛我的人
2. 忘恩负义的人
3. 一天到晚更新状态的人 (尤其是自拍照还有晒恩爱照)
4. 看了信息/邀请函却不答复的人
5.昆虫。(尤其是蟑螂,蝎和蜘蛛 )
6. 恶心的东西。(比如血腥的画面,吓人的画面,伤口等等)
7. 护发 , 因为很多过程(conditioner, shampoo, oil, moisturizing lotion 还加上掉发 lagi )
8. 塞车和找parking (虽然不是我驾车) 
9. 吞药
10. 来月经


Monday, June 29, 2015


2 days ago, when USA announced to join the parade of country with legalized same-sex marriage, the LFBT community and their supporters celebrated it, while it was a day for grieving among the Christians and those who oppose it.

I'm truly saddened to see a lot of my friends are supporting them, even christians!
These self proclaim christians are nothing but a 2 headed snake. You either stand for your belief or choose to stray away from the right path. Or else you'll be a hypocrite living double standards.

I strongly oppose the union of same sex couple.

Homosexual is just like other sin.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11
Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

However, instead of rebuking them, these LGBT were praised for their conduct.

Situation 1
Son : Hey dad, I'm in love with my sister. Can I marry her?
Dad: How can you do that? That's incest! It's a sin!

Situation 2
Son : Hey dad, I'm in love with John. Can I marry him?
Dad : Dear son, do whatever you like. It's your choice. 

The mindset of the society has changed. They wanted liberty, they wanted to do what they like.
There's a fine line between right and wrong. Sadly more and more country just crossed that line.

1 Peter 2:16
Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

I've searched many website about whether homosexuality is nature or nurture.
Each website had their own theory and result. 公说公有理,婆说婆有理。
But a sociology lecturer once told me the origin of homosexuality.
During ancient times, there's no such thing as pornography or any guidelines to having sex, so the father needed to teach his son how to do it. The father will perform sodomy on his son, and this was how homosexuality developed. 

I once thought that homosexuals are nature, which means they were born that way, because homosexuality is found present in the animal kingdom, and we are also developed from animal.
Click here to read why is homosexuality in animal cannot be compared to homosexuality in human.

Let's predict what will happen to our future generation.

Situation 1
Daughter : Mummy No.1, how come I don't have a father like my classmates?
Mum No. 1: Oh, we are your father and mother.
Mum No. 2 : We don't need a man to become your father.

Situation 2
Son : Today in class teacher taught us about reproduction process. But you and daddy No.2 are both male. How's that possible?
Dad No.1 : Oh son......*pause for a moment*

Situation 3
Daughter : Mum, how painful it is during childbirth?
Mum : Well, to tell you the truth dear, I didn't deliver you. You are adopted.
Dad : Your mum can't have children.
Daughter: Why? 
Dad : Because she's a transgender.
Daughter: You mean to say before this mummy was a man?!!
Mum : Yes dear. But I will always be your mother.
Daughter: ......*faints*

Situation 4
Education minster : We should include the process of gay couples making love in our sex education.
Health Researcher : We will make it possible for men to bear children.
Disney Shows Producer  : We can now insert LGBT characters in our show.

Ok, I know I'm a little bit imaginative, but who knows, all of these might occur sometime in the future.The supporters say a pair loving homosexuals getting married does no harm to you and me. 
Think again.

Click here to read why does even a gay opposes same-sex marriage. 
A very enlightening article. 

I'm not trying to condemn these people, I'm just standing firm on my faith. 
No hate or discrimination involved. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


I never write anything about my father. Even in school essays, mother or grandparents comes first.
So this post is dedicated to him as a token of appreciation. 

Father is not some big company CEO or some high intellect professionals.
He's just another regular employee who earn monthly income from his humble job as a lorry driver.
Nonetheless, he is very loyal to job, he treated the company properties just like his. 
He made sure the lorry was cleaned and tidy. 

I used to be ashamed of my father, because he can't afford us a good car. 
I still remember vividly I was teased by my classmate for the old car that my mum used to  drove us to school. Hence, I was afraid of telling other's about his job. In my History project, I wrote him as a supervisor to sound more profound.

However as I grew older, I started to appreciate his great work.
With my father's years of useful experiences, he knew the distance, the duration and the direction to get there. He is literally a living GPS. He can memorize practically all the roads and buildings in Sabah. 
No kidding!

Without father, his company couldn't deliver all the goods in time. 
Now I'm proud to say that my father is a reliable and devoted lorry driver! 

How a person behave is how a person brought up. 
I guess his family didn't express much love to him when he was young.  
Father doesn't talk much, especially to his family. Unlike other fathers who give kisses, hugs or endearment, I never receive those as far as I could remember. 

The sad thing is, I have more things to say to my heavenly father than my biological father.
Does the word biological sound too technical or scientific?
Instead, I recall we received punishment for being naughty and noisy.
If he couldn't find a rattan, he would just use his belt to whip us.

Occasionally, he asks about our exam result or when I won something in a competition, he'll give me a high five as a compliment. 
That's all.

I have always jealous of my friends who can get so close with their father.Their father also can afford everything they wanted. Branded clothing, expensive toys/gadgets and luxury family vacation.
But then, life doesn't always goes your way. 
My counselor once told me, if you insisted on wanting these people to go with your way, you won't be happy and might end up in a broken family. I learnt to let go of my perfectionist self. I'm still learning. 

Think of the other way, at least father doesn't smoke, drink, gamble or go out messing around. 
He made sure all his income are well spent on household necessities. 
He's just a simple man with a simple straight mind. 

Three fast facts about father.

1. He has low laughing point(I couldn't find the english translation for 笑点). He can burst out in laughter at the slightest funny action. Mr. Bean and Jackie Chan are his favorites. He also likes action kung fu movies.

2. He is a connoisseur in repairing. He can fix almost anything faulty in the house. Washing machine, plumbing, car engine etc. 

3. He can also make things from scratch!  He'll make use of the leftover materials to make new things like a mobile shoe rack, mobile cloth rack and even a chicken coop! In fact a lot of things in our house were handmade or second hand refurbished to look new. Gee, that save us a lot of money!

In a nutshell, be grateful of what your father did to raise you up. He might not be the best father or expressive fathers just like fathers the Superman Returns, but deep down in your heart, you know that they care and love you.

Thanks Dad. Happy Fathers Day!
God bless all the wonderful fathers in the world.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teachers Part 2

In the previous post, I had mentioned a few good teachers. 
Hence, this post is going to be the exact opposite. 
In our school, good class student are often called teacher's pet, which means the student was teacher's favorite and did everything the teacher said. Well I'm definitely not one of them.

Here's a teacher that left nothing but traumatic memories in me. Lets call her teacher C.
Instead of finding ways to pass us some valuable knowledge, she took her time to scold us, told us non-educational crap and punished us to copy many long essays and expected us to hand in the next day, we didn't even bother to read the essays as we were already too busy copying until our hands were sore, one of my classmate's mother even helped her son to copy it. Guess what, she didn't manage to finish the syllabus. 

We all hated her.

Next, in form 2, I was the head prefect. Teacher C just so happen to be one of the disciplinary board teacher. I was panned practically everyday in school, in class, in front of everybody.  Yes I made mistakes, you can rectify me, but I just don't think the public humiliation was necessary. Furthermore, most of it were prefect stuffs and trivial matters, what it has to do with my other non-prefect classmates? She's literally 鸡蛋里挑骨头。

Not only it's bad for her as she was pregnant that time, she was also wasting other classmate's time. Almost everyday I was crying back home. Every time I'm in her class, I felt disgusted and kept cursing her in my head, yes I really loathe her back then. I received news that all her children have certain conditions, I think that is her comeuppance.  I guess we'll never see eye to eye with each other.

Another lunatic teacher existed in my school. Let's call her teacher D.
There's one time my friend and I join a competition, but she decided to withdraw herself at the last minute. So I, being the brave one went and told teacher D as she was the teacher in charge that time. It was in a room, she was busy doing other stuff, I stood by her side and told her about the withdrawal. She showed no reaction, totally ignoring me. I thought she didn't hear it. So I told her again. Still no reply. Not knowing what to do, I left. I didn't know that storm was building up and coming on my way.

One day in teacher D's class, she distributed all my classmates files except for mine and my friend's. She threw it on the floor shocking the entire class, then continued her lesson without explaining about her act. I once again being the brave one stepped forward to collect the files on the floor. The next thing transpired was the most astounding thing happened in my life. She burst into a huge rage, started scolding me and my friend. I don't know from where did I get the courage to talk back to her, but I just did, I guess I was also infuriated that time. What happened next? I was taken to the penyelia petang (afternoon session head supervisor ) to be questioned for my conduct. I think I got demerit after that. 

My other classmate's father knew about it, he backed me up and said a teacher shouldn't have acted that way. Since then, I never have peace in her class. I spent 3 crappy years with this psycho, I was scolded and nitpicked every time in her class, I cried, my classmates were all aware about this and they always come and console me after that. I think I had minor depression back then.
"We should forgive, but never forget." 
I'll never forget those horrible days in my life. 

There's another teacher, this time it transpired few days before UPSR.
This teacher realized that he didn't teach us enough, I remembered vividly he uttered this sentence:
"If I have another week with you, I would have taught you this and that."
Yeah right, if you had used your time wisely, you wouldn't have said these 风凉话。
Guess what, he was our english teacher. Now I know why my english was so bad back then.


Oh there's another teacher, I promise this is the last one, I don't know when did I offended her, but she just didn't seem to like me. It was in primary 5, we were told to decorate the classroom, I printed out the chinese proverb "礼多人不怪"  it means good mannered people doesn't get blamed, and posted it on the wall. When she came in and saw that decoration, with a hint of anger, she said: "所以礼少人就怪啦?!"

I felt an indirect rebuff of my decoration, hence I sorrowfully removed that decoration from the wall.

In a nutshell, there are good teachers and bad teachers. Appreciate the good ones, especially teachers who find creative ways to pass knowledge to you. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teachers Part 1

This is actually one of the best quotes about teachers.

I've met quite a few teachers who inspired me, they inspired me to score A in their subjects, that time I was in the elite class.  They told us about successful people around the world, they shared their own experiences on how to study smart, they boasted about their ex-students who scored straight As in their exams.

However, I think that the greatest teacher is that she/he is not only able to inspire you, but also able to make you fall in love with that subject. I've met one and I fell deeply in love with that subject since.

It was in back in form 2, she's our class teacher and english teacher. Let's call her teacher A.
That time my english was so-so, I couldn't speak it fluently either as english was not my first language.

Teacher A has a very unique method of teaching that subject. I remember that we have to do presentation. Instead of some old boring topic like "Ways to increase the awareness of some society problems", we are told to make a presentation on making our own food. Any food that we like.

I made watermelon juice. I recall bringing my own blender and watermelon. We have to explain the process while making our own food. Some of my classmates made sandwiches, salads etc. After finishing our product, Teacher A got to taste our food.

The remark : My watermelon juice was not sweet enough.
Oops! I guess I put too little sugar in my drink.

But all in all we enjoy the whole process, no one fell asleep. It was really fun watching other classmates doing their presentation. We get to share our foods with each other too.

Apart from that, we were given a very special homework. We have to write weekly diary and hand it to teacher every week. We can write anything. There was one time, I wrote about finding out the difference between "breath" and "breathe". Sadly to say that I only discovered about that when I was 14. Well, no one had ever taught me that before! In fact a lot of english grammar and words I learn it by myself. Teacher A was happy to see that and gave me words of encouragement.

Teacher A also helped us to increase our vocabulary through fun games. After our final exam by the end of the year, we were to perform a skit based on the story of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. The whole class burst out in laughter watching them acting.

Ah....Good times.
Since then, I've been madly in love with english and never cease to increase my vocabs.

I also wanted to contribute my improvement of english to another english teacher.
Let's call her teacher B.
It was in form 4, teacher B introduced us to a whole new genre of writing - narrative story.
It was totally brand new for us as we have never written any narrative stories before. In the previous years, we were only taught how to write short simple essay about general issues.

I was completely dumbfounded by the wide range, profound and never-seen-before english words and expressions that teacher B used to teach us. She taught us to use high vocab in our essays, for instance "ecstatic" instead of "happy", "bizarre" instead of "weird" etc. We were given many sample essays to learn about expressions, we also have to use the given free newspaper by the school (one of the privileges of being in the first class) to learn more new complicated vocabs. Since then, my usage of english vocabs was upgraded.

Click here to read my narrative essay.

Here are another 2 teachers worth mentioning. 
Both these 2 teachers are the most dedicated teacher I've seen in my life. They are also very stern.

First is my piano teacher.  She made sure I practice everyday. That time, I didn't have a piano, so I had to practice on my faulty organ. She would print out many sight reading materials for me. She would make sure my fingering was right by writing down all the numbers on the music sheet for me. She wrote her own finger exercise sheets and handouts for her student to practice.

Guess what, both our hard work paid off. I got the highest score in the Trinity piano grade 3 exam. However the medal was given to another younger girl who scored the same as me. I just don't think it's fair that age is the factor of decision for tied score.

Secondly, my primary school chinese teacher. She is extremely strict. Those who didn't finish her homework would get caned in front of the class. At one point, she was so mad at one of the student, she caned so hard until the rattan was broken. But I know her intention, she just wanted to make sure we finish her homework. She made us write a lot of essays. 

During recess, unlike other teachers who had long gone to the canteen to have their meal, she would sat in the class alone to mark our essays. When our essays were handed back, I can see that she was very detailed in correcting it. She wrote down neatly all the correct words or sentence for us so that not only we know our mistake, but also know how it was supposed to be written. Her handwriting is very nice and tidy too. She's the only teacher who make all those effort. Ever since then, I've never found anyone like her anymore. Hence I really appreciate her hard work and it paid off. My worst subject, chinese scored A in UPSR. 

Thanks to all these good teachers in my life. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have achieve so much.
May they continue to produce good students and also inspire them to achieve more. 
God bless them.