Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blessings come in many ways

Here's a little testimony about God's bountiful blessings in my life.

On Sunday during offering time, I looked at my wallet, I was only left with a RM20 note and a few RM1 notes.So instead of giving the rest of RM1s, I choose to give RM20. 
At that time I just felt like giving, nothing much.

The next day which was yesterday, I was told that some distant relatives from Perlis wanted to treat us dinner at a local seafood restaurant. They wanted to repay my mother's favor for helping them run some errands. Guess what, it was one of the most lavishing dinner I've ever had!
 I had my first taste on abalone, it was pure heaven.

The texture is a bit chewy, kinda like a calamari, but a lot more expensive.

Can you guess how much all these scrumptious dishes cost?

Then upon leaving, my distant uncle gave us a huge bag of fruits which he plucked from his orchard.

Wait, that's not the end of it.

In that black plastic bag, we discovered a box of bird nest on our way home, only God knows how much it cost!

Talking about the amount of blessings we received in one single day!

God blessed us in so many ways, so much more than we could think of.
A mere RM20 in return of more than RM400 worth of blessings. 
Yeap that's right. That dinner alone cost a whopping RM400.

I believe that, when you give to God from the bottom of your heart, you'll receive unexpected blessings from Him. It may not be in monetary form, it could be anything, food, clothes, or even a part time job which was offered to me by a stranger I met last week.

Here's a book I'm currently reading and it's all about practicing the magic of gratitude.
Yea, the magic here refers to gratitude. 
It's not entirely a christian book, but it's based on this scripture. 

Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. (Matthew 25:29)

If you think you are constantly complaining about every aspect of your life, especially financially, then I recommend you should get a copy of it.

In a nutshell, when you are truly grateful, you'll be given more, sometimes more than you ask for.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A breakthrough

In my last post, I mentioned why coming back early was the right decision.

Here's the story.

2 days after I came back, I received a message from Edgar asking me to join a conference. At first I wasn't that keen on joining as the conference was going to be 9 hours long. However, since it's located nearby my house, I decided to give it a go and brought my mother along as well.

There were 3 Singaporeans speaker flew all the way here to give us motivational talk. 
The first one was Mr. Jimmy Ong. As he shared with us his heart wrenching life experiences, my tears started to build up at the corner of my eyes and eventually flowed like water down my cheeks.

Bankrupt, divorced, and lost his son to brain cancer, Mr. Jimmy lost everything. He was at the lowest point of his life, he could have ended his life easily, but he didn't. His son's death had instead lifted him up, changed him and made him a whole new person again. He also came to know Christ at the same time, however he was mad at God taking away his beloved only son at that juncture.

At the Christian seminar, I had the exact same thought as Jimmy about God's mysterious and sometimes cruel way of handling our lives and purposes. 

Why would He take away someone we love so dearly?
Why didn't God heal the sick?

It turned out that God has bigger plans for Mr. Jimmy. 
He uses Mr. Jimmy to touch thousands of life, including mine.
I was so touched that I have the courage to go up on stage and shared my thoughts and received Mr. Jimmy's book "Breakthrough". Again I couldn't hold my feelings inside and burst into tears in front of everyone. Oh I felt so embarrassed. >_<!

Mr. Jimmy is now a successful life coach, travelling around places, sharing testimonies and touching lives. He might have lost his son, Shaun, but God had blessed him with another 2 adorable sons through second marriage with his second wife.

Mr. Jimmy's predicament was a lot worst than mine.
If he can gather the courage and stand up and restart his life, why can't I do it?
At that particular moment, I've made up my mind to make a change about my life.

The second speaker is Karen Foo, also a motivational coach and trainer.
I found out we shared the same affliction. 
She gave me an encouraging hug while I was crying on stage. 
Thanks Karen. Your story touched me as well. 

The last one was funny Mr. Ken Koh.
He was good at keeping the audience attentive. 
We all had great laugh listening to his talk about mindset.  
Always remember that mindset is the key to everything.
Didn't get to take picture with him.
Anyway another inspiring talk indeed.

Do you believe in God's plan?
On this fateful day, aside from meeting 3 powerful inspiring coaches, I was offered a job by a lady!
No one has offered me any job before.
After considering it for a day, I took the job offer as a financial consultant.
It turned out that the lady also used to shared the same problem with me.

I don't think all of these are coincident.
I believe in God's plan.

A truly page turner, especially the chapter about Mr. Jimmy's son. It was pulling my heartstrings. 
Thanks Mr. Jimmy for the wonderful inspiring book.

It's time for a breakthrough.

Thursday, September 8, 2016



他们没有钢琴,鼓和吉他, 只有竖琴。







在Nu Sentral 和弟弟会合后,我们到附近找酒店安顿下来。


Subang Jaya 一代的新LRT轨道。



我第一次去Pavilion, 没想到要走一大段路。



七彩缤纷的糕点。10个 RM9.


吃饱后,我们搭Grabcar 到附近的LRT站。


Pn. Kumar好像吃了仙丹,样子毫无老化的痕迹。






Monday, August 22, 2016

In love with Sarawak - A testimony

Remember that I told you about the "entrance" to the cave in my previous post?

Well  it was actually the EXIT of the cave.

We didn't know about it, we just naturally entered the cave from a nearby resting area where Ilyas's popo was going to wait for us that time.

The supposedly exit.

There were reasons why it was the exit instead of the entrance, because when you come from the right entrance, it's coming down. So instead of coming down, we were hiking up thousands of stairs.
There were bird poops everywhere including the handrail. So yeah, my hand was full of bird poop.
Nope, you don't wanna imagine that. 

The endless going up stairs were draining my energy real fast, my calves were hurting, my stamina was used up. Up until one point, I told my friends to abandon me and just go ahead. Ilyas's mum and aunty gave up halfway and said they wanna go back. So I decided to join them as I thought I couldn't make it anymore. It was just too much for a weakling  like me who never hit the gym. Then one of the aunty told me to keep going, she said there was a famous mural ahead, she told me to keep on going and fighting. Hence, I listened to her and continued my journey alone in the dark with sheer light from my hand phone. 

Then slowly I could see rays of light coming from from the front, what I saw next made me kept on praising the Lord at that point. Later, I saw my friends not far from me.

When I got out of the cave, it was a HUGE relieve. 
And I realized that the 2 aunties hadn't reach the resting area yet.
Hmmm, curious.
Then only we found out that the point I was about to give up was actually near the exit and also the shortcut. So the 2 aunties ended up walking twice the exhausting journey.

I thank God so much that I didn't give up halfway.
Here's a simple lesson that I learn:
Never give up cause the light might be just around the corner.

I wanna thank God so much that I was blessed to have this trip.
I'm so grateful that my friends thought of me when they plan this trip in early March.
Thanks guys for putting up with me as I can get a bit cranky at times, 
especially when I'm tired or hungry or about to catch the plane.

I also wanna thanks Ilyas's awesome friendly family for their hospitality.
Thanks to Clarice we were able to save a lot on accommodation as we were staying at her dorm.
Thanks to Ilyas for being our driver, tour guide and clown of the group.
Thanks to Yee Fei for taking good photos of everyone. 
Thanks to Janet for the ice cream and KFC and
Thanks to Brian for being a wonderful addition to this group and also a spare driver whenever he was needed.

I've learnt to rely more on God's timing, sometimes His timing might just be better than you thought.
For instance on the last day,
 I was worried that we might be running late to the airport, we were really late that time.
but look on the bright side, I got to see the marvelous sunset before heading off to the airport. 

On the way to the airport, the song "惧高症" was played and I fell in love with it in an instance.
 I started reminiscing all the crazy moments we had from the first day.
Watching the sunset made it even harder to say goodbye.
Then tears slowly building up at the corner of my eyes.
 Thinking now that I had to go back and I feel like everything was just too surreal for me.
I guess it's because this was my first vacation with friends and it's been a long long time since I had this much fun and laughter.
I will never forget a single joyous moment with your guys.

Every time in the car,
 we will listen to Onefm's special game called 
Whenever Jay Chou's latest hits "Try" was broadcasted, audience will call in to join the game. 
If you are lucky enough to be 8th caller, you'll be selected.
All you need to do is answer a simple question and get RM1,000 worth cash or more!
We were all so excited every time when this segment was broadcasted.
Ilyas tried to call a few times but failed. Haha, but we had lots of fun listening to this programme.

Have you guys ever have this experience, 
whenever you listen to a certain song, you'll be reminded of certain memory?
Well, now whenever I listen to "不该"、 "你,好不好"、“惧高症”and "Try",
I'll be reminded of this marvelous Sarawak trip.

Sarawak is a beautiful place indeed. I'll come back for you I promise!