Friday, April 28, 2017

Dim Sum hot deal!

KK peeps, if you enjoy dim sum as much as I do, then pay full attention.

Famous local dim sum restaurant - Foo Ping Dim Sum is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and guess what, we can get the 
first 5 shao mais for RM2.50! 

Ya hear that people???!!!

So what are you waiting for?
Grab this golden opportunity and indulge yourself in this Hong Kong originated deliciousness on this coming Saturday and Sunday from 7am-2pm.
Image may contain: food and text
I can't believe my all-time favorite dim sum parlor has been operating for a 1/4 century!
My mother and I would visit this restaurant every time before we headed to the weekend market. 
Sometimes we also love to tapao and eat it with our favorite beef noodle situated next door. 

This is their address.
Block A, Lot 6 & 7, Ground Floor, Kolam Centre Phase 2, Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu
They are closed on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month.

Have a wonderful scrumptious weekend!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Great news for all Malaysian shoppers, especially East Malaysians, Lazada is having a huge sale right now! 


East Malaysians shoppers, did ya hear that???!!! 
No extra charges on your favorite item!
And you can earn 2X AirAsia Bigpoints!

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The sale starts on 25th to 27th April.
Don't miss it!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Element

In my previous post, I've mentioned what is it to be in your Element. Of late, I just discovered ballroom dancing is my element. 

So here's another great read I wanna introduce to you guys: 
The Element 
How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
By Ken Robinson

So what is this Element?
Let's take a look at this equation I made from the points I'd learnt from the book.

In order to be in your element, first of all you need to have the Feature, which is Aptitude and Passion.

Aptitude means the natural ability to do something (天分). I just gotta mention this one couple in my dancing school and I think they are the perfect example. In my opinion, they just don't have the talent to dance. They couldn't understand the rhythm, they couldn't coordinate their limbs, they just COULD NOT FREAKING dance!

Passion means a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something. I immediately knew that I have passion for dancing once I entered the studio. My eyes brim with glimmering stares at the professional teacher dancing swiftly across the dance floor. And I can't wait to go back dancing as soon as I got home. That's how you know if you have passion for something. 

Now that you have identified your aptitude and passion, next, you have to be in the Condition which consists of Attitude and Opportunity.

Attitude, I think the word is quite self-explanatory. If you are really into this thing you love, your attitude will be different and that includes strong discipline. So this couple I was talking about, the husband is a very busy man, hence he missed a lot of lessons. So when he shows up, the whole group had to wait for him. If you knew that you can't make it, why not practice it at home? His attitude towards this whole dancing thing obviously shows that he has no passion for dancing at all. 
If I were him, I would practice till I get it or else I would feel so embarrassed and bad for being the black sheep who kept the rest of the group from moving on.

Opportunity is the chance you have to be in something you are enthuse about, in my case, the dance lessons. I cherish every opportunity to be in the studio. Every minute is so precious to me and again, thanks to the couple, my time was wasted on them. Every week our dance teacher had to teach them from the beginning, everything, all over again. This has been going on for a few weeks and I'm getting really frustrated. This couple really brought me down. 

And that's how you know you are in your Element.

Of course, there are so much more insightful knowledge in that invaluable book which I can't cover in one blog post. So grab yourself a copy and discover what the author had in store for you.

Here's a quote from the book which I found the most appealing to me.

"Activities we love fill us with energy even when we are physically exhausted. Activities we don't like can drain us in minutes." 

Hey, I just realized that writing is also one of my element.

Have you found yours?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beauty and the Beast 2017

After waiting for 1 whole year, finally, I'm able to be their guest.
Readers, I bring to you: Beauty and the Beast 2017.

Followed by Cinderella's live action movie in 2015, Disney is rewarding their fans with another legendary classic. And again, this was an amazing sight to behold!

Pretty, brilliant, a well known philanthropist who stands for many good causes including feminism, Emma Watson is the perfect cast for Belle and I have love her since Harry Potter series. And I was surprised that she could sing so well. Add another 100 points to Gryffindor! By the way, I think there was a Harry potter reference in the movie. There was a character who says that he couldn't remember what he had forgotten, just like Neville and his remembrall!

I'm having a huge girl crush moment right now. 
Now this is what I call a perfect goddess with beauty and brain! 
Please Emma, don't accept nude or half nude photography from these low standard magazines. 
You earned my respect because you're not like the other celebrities, who are just bimbos with slutty outfits. 

Okay, this is Lefou, the controversial character which almost made Malaysians unable to watch the movie. Apparently, our feeble-minded ministers thought that we would become gay after watching it. So after I watched it, I was like "Seriously? How on earth this could make us go gay? It was just a sissy guy singing." Man, our country is just full of retards.

Aren't these ornaments just adorable? 
Mrs. Pott is Emma Thomson who also starred alongside Emma Watson in Harry Potter. 

Any idea of who is this hottie? He's Dan Stevens, the Beast of course! Behind that furry creature, lies this stunning handsome gorgeous marvelous prince. Shocked eh? I think that he should be given more screen time, even Gaston the villain had more scenes than him, not fair!  His first movie I saw was The Guest, an American action horror thriller. I think I had a little crush on him. Unfortunately he was the antagonist in that movie. Ok that's it, I'm not gonna spoil anymore beans. You can watch it for yourself. In a buzzfeed video he says that he likes red head, unfortunately he is happily married with 3 adorable children, so back off ladies.

My favorite scene. In fact ballroom dancing scene had been and will forever be my favorite scene.
The huge chandelier, the exquisite background, the smooth dance floor, and of course the two main characters swirl across the hall gracefully, it is the most romantic moment of all. 
Nothing can beat that. Period.
This is why I love Disney, they make everything so magical and I'm so glad they did a slight improvement on Belle's dress. It was just perfect. 

The next live action movie will be Mulan and it was scheduled to released in 2018. 
Tang Wei will be the lead actress. 
I hope Disney won't white wash this Chinese themed classic. 
And I wonder how are they going to make the live action version of The Little Mermaid, I mean how are they going to film human talking in the water. Well, let's just wait and see shall we.

Adult Friendship

I recently read an article about adult friendship and it sucks to know that adult friendship sucks.

There's a reason why I failed to understand why my high school friends no longer the way they were. They are working and I'm not; they are in a relationship and I'm not; they have commitments and I don't. And this is also the reason why they fail to understand mine.

It's just that I felt really disappointed by all the rejections recently, I asked them out to watch a movie, they were not free. I asked them to attend my dance concert, only one agreed to show up. I asked them to pay a visit to our mother school together, they have work.

Sometimes I refused to acknowledge that we are grown ups now, we have different priorities and things going on. However it still hurts so much when my so called friends are not there to support me. I have this upcoming ballroom dance performance, we've been practicing the dance like forever thanks to a slow learning couple. I guess my adult friends are not aware of how this performance is so important to me, and them being there to watch it will mean so much more.

I guess I'm just not that important anymore. All of them have moved on, except for me. I'm still clinging like a hard glue to our past friendship. They have their own circle of friends, they have new co-workers, they have things that I don't have.

You know, sometimes, I envy my brother so much, he and his friends hang out all the time. 1 phone call or 1 whatsapp message and poof, off they go to their usual yamcha spot. Why can't we be like them? Probably guys are much more different, I don't know.

Here I am again, depressed and lonely.        

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dance to the core of my soul

Since young, I have always wanted to learn ballroom dancing. My eyes would be brimming with envy when I saw other school mates perform on certain events. So finally, I picked up ballroom dancing lesson last year.

From the first moment I started to move my feet, I felt like my dancing soul had been awaken once again after hibernating for so long. The last time I remembered dancing was on our secondary school prefect night. 

I first learned waltz, a dance which requires gracefulness and a sense of direction, I had trouble grasping the direction at first, but after a bit of practice,  I got hold of it.

Then, I was taught Cha cha, a more lively vibrant dance. I'd watch so many cha cha live performance since young, so this dance kinda evokes so many memories and feelings. Dancing the move feels like, yeah, finally I get to be in their shoes, literally!

The third dance, which I'm currently learning, is Rhumba, it's like a slower version of chacha, but requires more hip movement. Let's get this rusty hips movin babeh! 

I once had a guy partner for a short while, however he had to go back to Sandakan for his culinary internship. So I was a bit depressed when he left. Dancing with partner is much more fun. So guess who become my partner? The teacher herself! Ain't that even better?! An expert be your partner! Thank God so much for this wonderful blessing!

Our teacher, Patricia, is the most amazing person I have ever met. She has been learning ballroom dancing since young. Now a young adult, she's a ballroom dance pundit and became one of the teachers! She's friendly, she's very thoughtful, she's just awesome in every way, in fact I think she teaches better than the other older teacher!

 I adore her so much. She said I'm the fastest learner among other students. Well, what can I say, I'm the youngest adult in my class. I'm competing against a grandma and a pair of husband and wife. That would be a shame if I can't keep up with a grandma right? Other than being the youngest, I also have music background, at least I understand the rhythm of the music, I know how to differentiate between a 3/4 and a 4/4 beat dance and when to start movin those feet. 

However, there are certain truth about me being a fast learner. You see, when you're doing something you really like, you'll learn it in a jiffy with so much less effort. I think that I'm totally in my Element. I'll tell you more about The Element in the next post. It's actually a book on how famous people discover their talent or what they like to do, and when they do, they are in their Element, the book also tells how they use their Element to make their way to success. So wait for my next post!

Talking about other dancing students, sometimes, I wish they won't show up. I know I'm bad, I shouldn't have said that. Cause sometimes, they can be a bit too slow. There are certain lessons I learned nothing new at all because the teacher needs to slow down and repeat the whole thing for them. And there's this guy who missed a lot of lessons because he's a busy busy business man, so we all had to wait for him before we can move on to the next step. It has been 5 months since I learned, and only 3 dances were taught. I really think I could have learnt 2 more dances. 

One thing about picking up a new skill they don't know about is it needs practicing. Just like my music teacher last time, she made sure I practice at least an hour a day so that when I attend her lesson, she wouldn't have to listen to my bad playing. And these students obviously didn't practice. They learn 1 hour, go home, forgot everything, attend the class next week, teacher has to repeat all over again. That's why it can be a wee be frustrated for me. Right now, we are preparing for our ballroom academy anniversary performance. So I really hope the others will attend every lesson, or at least practice at home themselves .

I practice at home at least twice a week, and I wanna thank God that my house is big enough for me to practice those moves. What to do, this is a group dance lesson, so you have to dance in a group loh. I had inquired other studios before, 1 on 1 teaching can go up RM70 per lesson. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong, that would be RM280 per month.   

Curious thing about time, it passes by like a bolt of lightning when you're having a good time. 1 hour is like 10 minutes to me. Having said that, my feet have to rest after an hour, they got very sore after those strenuous spinning and tip-toeing. So yeah, 1 hour may not be enough for the soul, but definitely the feet. Every time the class dismissed, I got a little sad. As soon as I reached home, I was already looking forward to next Saturday afternoon. And whenever I couldn't make it on Saturday because of other functions, I got distressed as well. Can you see how much I have fallen in love with ballroom dancing? From the first day until now, I enjoyed every minute of it. It's the best exercise ever!
Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm happy, because Saturday is ballroom dancing day! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lazada Biggest Deal Ever!

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you how awesome is Lazada, South East Asia biggest online store,

Lazada is celebrating its 5th birthday! And they are having the biggest sale ever!

Its theme: 5th Birthday Surprise is ON from 22nd - 24th March ONLY.

There's live flash sale going on right now!
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Why do I love LAZADA Malaysia?

It's fast and easy, you can get it at anything you like literally at the tip of your finger!
It has everything that I need!
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Which 3 products you like from LAZADA Malaysia?

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How do I think LAZADA Malaysia can improve?

Extend the time limit of product cancellation. Sometimes we only realized our mistakes after a day we bought it.

My birthday wish to LAZADA Malaysia.
Happy Birthday once again LAZADA, may you always be the largest e-commerce platform for shoppers in Malaysia. Lazy shoppers like us can't survive without you!
Happy Shopping everyone!